16 November 2012

CONCERT REVIEW: Destroy Nate Allen, FBS and Sneaky Creeps @ Wonder Fair

Sunday Funday: Destroy Nate Allen stop in LFK
A few weeks ago, Portland natives Destroy Nate Allen stopped at the Wonder Fair art gallery on one of their final US tours for a long time. The husband and wife folk punk duo played with Ohio 3 piece classic punk band FBS and KC's own Sneaky Creeps. And while the crowd was incredibly small, that didn't stop Destroy Nate Allen, FBS and Sneaky Creeps from making this one of my favorite shows from this year so far.
Sneaky Creeps

Sneaky Creeps is one of those rare bands I've actually seen a few times. It's always a pleasure to see them do one of their rare performances in Lawrence. Tons of loud punk screams and shouts from frontman Andrew Eredich, punchy drums from Max Crutcher, and tons of weird and interesting post punk twists and turns, I really enjoy this band live. There was a really cool kind of post rock style song they had that I really, really liked. They also had some very interesting looping thrown in there. It was all a great way to start off the night.

Next on the bill was another on-the-road bands, FBS. They are a 3 piece punk band that's been around for almost 10 years now. Bringing up amps that were almost as tall as themselves, FBS treated the small art gallery space to a raging set of crusty punk tunes. They were pretty funny too, constantly joking with each other and taking breaks between songs. The deep growls from guitarist Josh Detty and bassist Nate Shumaker and intense drumming from newest member Russell Ott really make each song a wild ride of punk fury. Definitely a band to check out if there ever in your area. 

Destroy Nate Allen
At around 9, Destroy Nate Allen called everybody in the gallery to stand around them in a circle. What happened next was one of the funnest shows I've ever seen. Nate and Tessa Allen gathered the crowd around and bounced back and forth to each audience member, singing songs about coffee, the internet and love. It was really a unique experience, something you really don't get from a lot of bands these days. The songs were incredibly catchy and fun, and matched the fast movements and energy of the duo perfectly. Tessa broke out a paper jamz guitar at one point. No joke. Nate also began switching everyones glasses. And they also had everyone crowd-surf me for putting the show together. It was just so much fun, everyone at Wonder Fair was smiling ear to ear. It might be a while, but I'm definitely gonna be ready the next time these guys come through here. And next time, I'm bringing everyone I know. 

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