05 July 2015

The Wandering Lake - "Wend To Why"

The Wandering Lake is a psychedelic folk project from Brian Kupillas, of the Arkansas band SW/MM/NG. While SW/MM/NG is taking a bit of a break after their fantastic debut album Feel Not Bad (which definitely should've been on my 2014 list), Brian seems to have made a new home in Lawrence, KS. His debut record as The Wandering Lake, Wend To Why, has been released by our good friends over at Whatever Forever. I picked up a copy of the album's accompanying art zine, and received a free download along with it. I have been hard pressed to stop listening to it, honestly. Everything about this record is fantastic. Kupillas' voice is one of the more unique ones on the block as far as folk singers go, and it's really quite entrancing. His lyricism and songwriting feel very genuine and well crafted. The guitars on this album, ranging from trebled-out acoustics ("I Hope I Meet All Of You Again") to electric guitars with warped psychedelic tones ("Memphis") and warm fuzzy sounds ("Return To View"), all sound wonderful and add great sonic textures to each song. Each of the 9 tracks on this album feature top notch production and mastering; everything sounds incredibly tight and punchy, like you're in the room while it's being played. And all the other backing instrumentation (including the drums and keyboards) sound nothing less of wonderful. There is really not a single track on here that I don't absolutely love, and I feel like with repeated listens I'm only going to get deeper and deeper into it. Wend To Why is an incredible first effort from Kupillas that is worthy of some pretty high praises. Check it out!

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