08 July 2015

The Sluts - "The Sluts"

Rock and Roll doesn't get much better than the LFK guitar-and-drums duo The Sluts. The band is coming up on their 4th year of being together, but in that time they've made massive waves in the Lawrence scene and have earned a legion of moshing fans (check the video from our friends at I Heart Local Music below if you don't believe me). This is their long-awaited [technical] self-titled album, which features the 4 songs from their The Loser EP and 7 brand new ones. Thankfully, the band has continued to use producer Joel Nanos on this album, who helped bring a much grungier and distorted sound to capture the energy of their last two EPs flawlessly. I can't tell if the songs from The Loser have had any sort of changes done to them, but they still sound great here. I absolutely love the songs "Loser" and "Linger; singer and guitarist Ryan Wise's performances are fantastic on these two tracks in particular, and drummer Kristoffer Dover just bangs the living hell out of his drums and it sounds fantastic. Both these songs are absolutely blood-pumping, and they're great displays of the energy that have made The Sluts so popular. Also, the "woo's" on "Loser" sound incredible. Plenty of points on the album get pretty sludgy as well, like "Summer Song" and "Used To Do It". While I think these tracks lack the heavy breakdowns that make a lot of Sluts tracks so much fun, I do respect the more emotional direction these tracks go for. Speaking of emotional: the closer to this album, called "Simple Song", is probably the most emotional and candid I've ever heard from a Sluts song. I really love it. The guitars are still distorted and grimy, but the whole song has a unique and upfront delivery that sounds great and different amongst the other tracks on this album. "There You Were" also has a similar emotive sound to it, but it fits with the other louder tracks on the rest of the record. But for the most part, this album is full of energy and loud rock performances. I think it's far from perfect, though; I wish some tracks where a bit more developed and went a bit harder, and I do feel like there's nothing particular new in the way of chords or rhythms being played here. But it's still a loud and blood-pumping rock record that I enjoyed quite a bit, and it even adds some extra emotive moments to their usual rock formula. If that sounds like something you'd enjoy, I'd check it out and blast it on your speakers, then mosh as hard as you can.

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