14 July 2015

Switching to a new website!

After 4 and a half years of using Google’s Blogger to manage this blog, I’m switching it over to Tumblr. I received an email on July 13th that my Adsense account was being terminated due to “invalid activity”, while failing to specify what exactly my violation of their terms was. Incredibly frustrated but not deterred, I filed an appeal with Adsense managment, and on July 14th my appeal was declined and my Adsense account was not going to be reinstated. I lost any money that I had already earned from the program and any hint of a stable revenue I was working so hard to achieve. I feel very disrespected by the folks at Google, and I’m disappointed that after over 4 years of working to build an audience and support musicians that I admire, my ability to support myself is suddenly taken away without any real explanation. Even if my Adsense account is for some reason reinstated, I do not plan to return to the Google system again after this. All previous posts will stay on the other blog, but for the forseeable future, I will be using Tumblr to post my reviews. I need to find a way to put ads or make money from this Tumblr site, and while I am happy to be using Tumblr, this Google incident has really been a setback monetarily. 
Any support or help with ideas on how to monetize this site would be much appreciated. Regardless of this setback, I’m going to continue to post everyday and hopefully will find a solution. Thank you to everybody who has supported me and this blog. It means the world. 
Go to the new site here:

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