14 July 2015

Lincoln Marshall - "Weight"

You know, I don't recommend enough rap on here. I'm good at finding obscure bands and artists from most other genres, but for some reason I really struggle to find a good hip hop album. Thankfully, our friends at Datura Records have delivered this debut EP from Lincoln Marshall, Weight. Lincoln Marshall is a project between one of my favorite LFK rappers, Approach, and one that I'm admittedly new to, MilkDrop. When you combine these two great rappers with some great production and beats, you get one of the better independent rap releases I've heard this year. I think it's pretty solid.

My gripes with Weight are pretty minimal. I do wish some tracks where a bit longer and were maybe a bit more focused. When you have a nine track EP that clocks in at just under 17 minutes, you'd hope that each track really goes all out. But it's more like 5-6 tracks with a lot of focus on them, and then a few tracks that I wish were more developed. The two under-a-minute instrumentals "The Keys" and "O.K...." sounds great, but I just wish they were longer and more developed. The raps and beats on the opener "Level One" sound great too, but considering it's just over a minute, I just wish it gave me a bit more. But, that's about all I have in the way of complaints. Each track definitely has something good to offer. Tracks like "Dirt" and "To The Life" are really awesome. The beats and the verses from both rappers sound great, and they're just damn fun to listen to. "Hey Now" shares those characteristics, but it also has a great thick bassline. The lyrics on this one in particular sound great. The guest verse from Louiz Rip also is pretty sweet. The tracks "Waterloo" and "Weight" feel like slightly darker or heavier takes on Lincoln Marshall's usual style. The beats feel a bit more bleak, and I don't mind it. "Waterloo" specifically has some great strummed guitar sounds over the raps that give it a noticeably different tone. "Weight" serves as a good display of MilkDrop's rapping on it's own, as well.

While I do wish that it was a bit more focused and consistent, I do really like Lincoln Marshall's debut EP. At just under 17 minutes, it really doesn't stop and it's just fun to listen to. The beats from Aikido Bray (and a guest beat from the fantastic DJ G Train) are minimal, but always sound great. The rhymes from Approach and MilkDrop are consistently awesome, and I like how the two rappers work together, but also each get a solo track or two. It's a good mix between the two personalities. Weight is a solid first release, and I can't wait to hear Lincoln Marshall's next one. Check it out!

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  1. While I agree with many of the author's points, I do wish that his review was more focused. It took me just under 17 minutes to read and reread this article to determine if his repetitiveness was intentional. The positive comments were all spot on and his criticisms are understandable. I too wish that the shorter tracks had some more length and I too cannot wait for Lincoln Marshall's next one!