03 July 2015

Droneroom - "Piss Poor"

Droneroom is an ambient noise project from Nashville, fronted by Blake Conley. His latest release is the 21 minute track "Piss Poor" (I don't know quite what to classify the release as, so I'll just call it a single), released via the experimental Nashville label Sweet Sounds Records. If you're into ambient and experimental music, I'd definitely recommend giving this single a listen. It starts off with a trebly tremelo guitar chord, looped and repeating very meditatively. Then slowly a drone builds up around it, on what sounds like some kind of organ. Eventually some more guitars introduce themselves as well as some very hazy vocals. After vocals come in, slowly the track delves into a more experimental sound, incorporating some more atonal sounds that give it a very eerie quality. Then around the 14 minute mark, suddenly there's a shot of noise that's almost like fire being thrown at you. The guitar sounds get more distorted and harsh, making the song fairly intense while they're there. Then it slowly fades out, leaving you in a trance after 20 minutes of experimental heaven. This is a very solid release from Droneroom, and I'd really like to hear what he comes out with in the future. I recommend it if you're wanting a new ambient artist to check out.

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