10 July 2015

Contortion Horse - "Atheism & Taxidermy"

This is a fun little piece of history. While most people know the legendary Kliph Scurlock as the ex-drummer for The Flaming Lips, he's also known for drumming in tons of punk and hardcore bands back in the 90's and early 2000's (check here for a sort-of-not-really complete list). One such band was Contortion Horse, who released a five-track EP 20 years ago called Atheism & Taxidermy. Also for those not totally familiar with Scurlock's non-Lips career, he's also a pretty great engineer. He's mastered a lot of pretty awesome records as of late, including the sophomore Skating Polly record and the latest Be/Non record. So, for the Contortion Horse EP's 20th anniversary, it only seemed fitting that Kliph would re-master it, exactly 20 years (to the day) of its original mastering by Ed Rose. And I gotta say, it's really great to hear these brutal punk songs put back together so well. Each track sounds nice and loud, but also clear and crisp. It all sounds great. The drums are hard-hitting, the guitars are blown up and scream with feedback, the bass is super crunchy and distorted, and the vocals are brutal. Although I'm pretty late to the party on actually hearing this EP, but better late than never. And I'm really glad I'm getting to hear Kliph's remastered take on it, because it sounds fantastic. I'd check this out if you want to hear a pretty great collection of noisy hardcore punk songs, and a nice piece of Lawrence history. Enjoy!

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