27 September 2014

Lake Mary - "There Are Always Second Chances In The Mountains"

Lake Mary - There Are Always Second Chances In The Mountains

Ah man. Albums this good make me happy, guys.

Lake Mary is a Colorado based ambient folk artist. I found out about him through the lovely people at Planted Tapes, a unique limited release tape label also based in Colorado. I listened to the sample provided by Planted Tapes as a teaser for There Are Always Second Chances In The Mountains, and I was stunned by what I heard. Thick, dense monolithic drones mixed with folk-based instrumentation throughout, providing the listener with massive layers of sound that simply surround and bury you. These songs that Lake Mary has recorded are absolute masterpieces, exploring the landscapes around him and translating them into carefully layered and constantly developing drone pieces. I see a lot of comparisons musically to Helios and Lost Trail, who are two of my favorite ambient artists. And just like those bands, Lake Mary isn't just a musician. He's a sound artist. He paints incredibly vivid pictures of mountains and forests through sound. While Lost Trail paints pictures of ghost towns, abandoned industrial buildings and failing machinery (which is a bit more of an aesthetic I relate to), Lake Mary finds his muse in the natural Colorado landscape around him. Both these artists pull me into their sonic worlds and totally engross me in them. These are the kind of albums that make me love ambient and drone music. When you can pick apart a record and just feel like you're in a different place and time while listening, that's truly an incredible experience. Lost Trail is one of the only other acts who done this, and now Lake Mary is right up next to him. I'm really really really loving this one. I'm going to waiting with anticipation for whatever he does next.

(also note: sorry that I spent a lot of time ranting and comparing Lake Mary to Lost Trail. Both of these guys are amazing artists that I love and have the pleasure to know through the world wide web. These reviews are usually a stream of consciousness style of writing, so it happens sometimes. I recommend both of them highly)

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