17 August 2014

Sneaky Creeps - "Negative Space"

Sneaky Creeps - Negative Space

I'm a bit late to the party here, but better late than never. Kansas City post punk band Sneaky Creeps' new record Negative Space is probably their best one to date. I was a big fan of their previous album Bell St. Radio and the EP Thin Man Wigs Out, and the band continues to push even further into new ground with Negative Space. Through the ferocious vocals of guitarist/loop master Andy Erdrich and drummer Max Crutcher plus bassist Isaac Ahloe, Sneaky Creeps make these 11 tracks into a ferocious post punk triumph. The tracks can very from very sparkly and pretty ("Hypnotist Convention") to pretty harsh and brutal ("Splitting Hairs"), but usually it's somewhere in between. And that's fine by me, cause it's a style of music that Sneaky Creeps is exceptionally good at. It feels like a combination of older Modest Mouse and a brutal rock band like Muscle Worship. I recommend you give it a listen if want your mind blown out by some really wild rock music. Enjoy!

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