31 July 2014

Little Whales - "Demo"

Little Whales - Demo

Coming in all the way from Mumbai, India, is the debut demo from the one man band of Vrishank Menon, Little Whales. While this demo is only three tracks and barely runs for 5 minutes, Little Whales make a great first impression in the little time this demo has. The short and sweet 52 second intro track "When I Was A Child, I'd Use My Dad's Jacket As A Blanket (The Jacket Won't Even Fit Me Now)" provides some very nice swells of drums and sparkling guitar leads that I find quite enjoyable. I do wish that if any of the tracks would've been developed a little more, it definitely should've been this one. There just could've been so much done with it from an instrumental standpoint. But hey, that's the whole point of a demo. The next track "Lucid Dreams" offers some more nicely placed guitar arrangements over our first real taste of Vrishank's voice, and it's not half bad. It's not perfect, but for the music he's playing, it definitely works. It blends into the mix very well and it shows a lot of potential. The last track, "I Even Learnt How To Spell Massachusetts", is probably my least favorite track on here, just because the mixing was a little weak here. The guitars really overshadowed the vocals quite a bit and the vocals just felt smooshed under the rest of the instruments. But other than that, I don't have many complaints on this demo. Little Whales definitely made a good demo, and I'll be really anticipating a full length album or EP from him in the future.

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