06 July 2014

Good Willsmith - "The Honeymoon Workbook"

Good Willsmith - The Honeymoon Workbook

Good Willsmith is a experimental/ambient trio from everyone's favorite crime ridden metropolis, Chicago. The group's debut record The Honeymoon Workbook is truly a fantastic release in the drone subgenre. The massive soundscapes that Good Willsmith creates are incredible in more ways than one. Incredibly dense and textured, the 8 tracks on this album were all recorded in one live session with no overdubs whatsoever. Using vocal looping, synthesizers, electric tabla, record players, contact mics, guitars, bass, and lots and lots of looping, Good Willsmith makes tracks that sound like they took months and months of multi tracking and studio finesse as opposed to recorded live. There's lots of small subtleties in each track, both musically and in the production decisions, that would be enough to make it far above an average drone record. But I definitely benefited from multiple listens here. Each time I heard the album it pulled me further and further down into a state of melancholy and I've developed an emotional attachment to these movements. I'm really loving Good Willsmith's debut, it's fantastic. Check it out!

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