31 July 2014

Dor - "grey, north carolina"

Dor - grey, north carolina

The most recent album from North Carolina collaboration project Dor, grey, north carolina, is a pretty wonderful and haunting trip through ambient IDM music. Typically (but not all the time), ambient music that has a very dense and wonderful sound to it is ruined once it brings beats and drum machines into the picture. It just takes away more than it adds for me, I don't know. But Dor does a very good job at mixing in these subtle but powerful beats into their droning soundscapes. Every single track on grey manages to keep a heavy hand on atmosphere and makes you feel like you're being transported wherever Dor feels you need to be to fully experience their music. The duo has the ability to shift between quick and fast paced to very disorienting and calm in very quick bursts. After listening to the album several times, I can honestly say that it's an album worth experiencing. Dor's incredibly solid grasp on tone and mood through dense and shoegazy soundscapes mixed with overall powerful and creative musicianship is incredible, and it helps elevate grey, north carolina to a status of high achievement. Well done, Dor. Well done. I recommend you check this out as soon as possible.

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