24 July 2014

Chapa Mamba - "S/T"

Chapa Mamba - S/T

This self titled album from Brazilian garage rock two piece (I believe they're a two piece) Chapa Mamba is pretty freaking awesome. I might go as far as saying it's my favorite rock record of the year so far. The band just does so many things right on this album, and I just can't help but enjoy it. Chapa Mamba mixes the constant structural changes of a band like Tame Impala but replaces all the extra synths and phased out guitars with Nirvana-esque distortion sounding like it's being played on a warped record. Throughout the record, Chapa Mamba doesn't really give me a sense of emotion, but however it does give me something different. That rare feeling of listening to a rock record that makes me feel uneasy and intrigued. While the feeling isn't as intense as it is when I listen to Women's Public Strain or Many Moods Of Dad's The Consequence Of Trying, I would still put this album in a category with those albums. Chapa Mamba just puts forward some sort of recorded aesthetic that makes it feel unique amongst all the albums I've heard so far this year. But while I also get unique vibes from this album, it's also an incredibly catchy and fun listen that will appeal to almost everyone. I would recommend you check out this record as soon as possible. Also, the whole record is in Portuguese. This is the first time I've heard garage rock sung in Portuguese, but I freaking love it. Check it out!

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  1. Going to watch them in Belo Horizonte tomorrow. Can't wait!