25 June 2014

Superdensecrushloadfactor - "Themes"

Superdensecrushloadfactor - Themes

Australia's Superdensecrushloadfactor (say that ten times fast, why don't ya) 4th album Themes was recently released this month, and I definitely think you guys should give it a listen. While upon listening to his previous work, I can tell that the man has always had avant-garde tendencies in his music. But on Themes, Superdensecrushloadfactor really brings those tendencies to new extremes. This 4 track album (that spans to almost 50 minutes in length) features some of the strangest and most obtuse music I've heard this year. Strange compositions, noise, ambient looping, and some moments of just insanity all come together here in the most beautiful and unsettling ways possible. Superdensecrushloadfactor has really caught my attention with this album and I think it will be something I will continue to return to throughout 2014. Enjoy!

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