09 June 2014

Pregnant - "YOUR SONG"

Pregnant - YOUR SONG

If there's one thing I do like to see in music, it's original concepts. California based duo Pregnant's latest work is a compilation of songs that are dedicated to people who donated financially to his music. There are currently 65 songs that have been released in total. However, the record label Staring At The Ceiling has released 35 of these tracks together on a compilation, split up on 4 tapes (when you buy one of them, you get a download of all 35 tracks). That's a pretty freaking cool idea if I've ever heard one. The 35 tracks on this compilation that Staring At The Ceiling put together are all very bright and colorful weirdo pop tracks. Pregnant is truly a band that knows how to make some strange but really beautiful sounding loops. It's a nice album to listen to for all those starting their summer vacations. I'm really digging this album, I'd recommend all of you to check it out. And don't forget, for $7, you can be a part of this cool little experiment. Cool, right?

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