09 June 2014

Nevhar Anhar - "☥Walking Around The Rings☥"

Nevhar Anhar - ☥Walking Around The Rings☥

Mmmm, free jazz. Derek Bendel's Nevhar Anhar project released tons of material in 2013, but 2014 has been relatively quiet so far. So, seeing his latest release, the 3 track effort ☥Walking Around The Rings☥ , it was a nice surprise. Dedicated to Sun Ra, Bendel's free jazz saxophone is this albums dominating feature. Through a nice use of effects, his improv skills are enhanced and really bring these tracks a very nice but disturbing ambience. As always, Nevhar Anhar is totally at the top of his game. I'm hoping to hear more material from him soon. Check this album out in the meantime, for sure.

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