09 June 2014

Lost Trail - "Chapter 19, In Which Lost Trail Faces The Year's End"

Lost Trail - Chapter 19, In Which Lost Trail Faces The Year's End

I'm never one to pass up new Lost Trail material. The North Carolina based husband and wife duo's 19th album they've released since 2010, Chapter 19, In Which Lost Trail Faces The Year's End, is yet another incredibly solid piece of ambient music. I can't say the record really moves on new ground, but Lost Trail is still just so good at what they do that this is definitely forgivable. Chapter 19 is one of my favorite works from the group. The drones and soundscapes on this album are just so breathtakingly beautiful at points, I can't deny the pure sonic bliss that they create. How they haven't managed to become more popular than they currently are is a total mystery to me. This album is really similar to one of my other favorite ambient records, Helios' Eingya. Lost Trail incorporates a lot more acoustic guitar, piano, and even banjo at times. It really fleshes everything out and makes these dense ambient tracks feel organic. It almost feels like you're on some sort of journey. Where you're going, you don't know. This album is simply here to guide you. Fantastic work from Lost Trail, one of my favorite albums in their discography. Highly, highly, highly recommended.

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