09 June 2014

Death Grips - "Niggas on the Moon"

Death Grips - Niggas on the Moon

Ah, what a lovely way to wake up. Seeing all my social media feeds being blown up with yet another Death Grips release. No complaints there. The California punk rap trio's latest strange marketing move appears to be releasing the first part of a double album, entitled The Powers That B, which will be released in full sometime (emphasis on sometime) later this year. The first part, the eloquently titled Niggas on the Moon, was just released this morning for free download. If this doesn't solidify Death Grips as the king of marketing strategies, I don't know what does. I'm gonna hold off on giving a long opinion on the music itself, I'll save that for when I can listen to the actual double album. But, I will say I'm interested to hear what The Powers That B's second part will be like. Niggas on the Moon takes elements from all their past works and blends them into the most consistently solid LP they've had since The Money Store. For me, while NO LOVE DEEP WEB and Government Plates were both solid records, neither of those records could touch Exmilitary and The Money Store. I really don't have any complaints with this first disc, and depending on how much I like the second part, I think it could be one of Death Grips best albums. I'll definitely be awaiting the album's full release. Check it out!

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