09 June 2014

Audens Raign - "Duck Houses High"

Audens Raign - Duck Houses High

I like to refer to Dan Nichols, the heart and soul of Audens Raign, as R. Stevie Moore's punk rock brother. He's insanely prolific, it's tiring to keep up with his massive amount of releases sometimes. But Nichols achieves the rare feat of not sacrificing quality for quantity. Each album he puts out is a lo-fi punk roller coaster, and that is continued on Duck Houses High. I can't say it's anything particularly new for Audens Raign, but it's still a pretty solid album. For people who haven't heard his work, this might actually be a good place to start. It's not overly short, but also not as polarizingly long as an album like I'm Over It Now or Raigndeer Games. It's just some awesome rock and roll. Check it out, it's a pretty fun listen. May Audens Raign have a fruitful 2014.

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