25 June 2014

All Blood - "The Kids Have No Taste"

The Kids Have No Taste cover art

All Blood - The Kids Have No Taste

I'm always down for a new All Blood record. I've been following the lo-fi punk band's output since their 3rd album Flood that came out in 2012. That record is truly brutal to listen to; Jonathan Brokaw's bombastically noisy and chaotic but also beautiful brand of emotions felt very unique and ultimately it became one of my favorite albums of that year. 2 years, 2 more albums, and a full lineup revamp made up of fellow Kansas DIY darlings, and we have The Kids Have No Taste. I've got to say, this album is a total success. It's ferocious, loud, pummeling, and also manages to be catchy. It's punk rock at it's very best. While it doesn't retain a lot of the emotional value I got from an album like his 2012 effort Flood, I still find The Kids Have No Taste to live up to my expectations for an All Blood record. It's such a fun and fierce record, it can be enjoyed by almost anyone, but I can also examine it critically and enjoy it just as much. Check it out!

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