25 June 2014

Superdensecrushloadfactor - "Themes"

Superdensecrushloadfactor - Themes

Australia's Superdensecrushloadfactor (say that ten times fast, why don't ya) 4th album Themes was recently released this month, and I definitely think you guys should give it a listen. While upon listening to his previous work, I can tell that the man has always had avant-garde tendencies in his music. But on Themes, Superdensecrushloadfactor really brings those tendencies to new extremes. This 4 track album (that spans to almost 50 minutes in length) features some of the strangest and most obtuse music I've heard this year. Strange compositions, noise, ambient looping, and some moments of just insanity all come together here in the most beautiful and unsettling ways possible. Superdensecrushloadfactor has really caught my attention with this album and I think it will be something I will continue to return to throughout 2014. Enjoy!

Ozark Soundscape - "Another Songs"

Ozark Soundscape - Another Songs (out on June 25th)

It's fun to watch artists grow. In the case of St. Louis' based project Ozark Soundscape, we get to watch that happen quite literally speaking. The head honcho of the band, who also runs the DIY label I Thought You Were A Marxist Records (which includes a recent release from R. Stevie freakin' Moore), is still in his early teen years. The fact that Andrew Robbins is so young, but also has a busier work ethic than many adult musicians who are over twice his age, is really incredible. I think the world would benefit with more people like him. But moving forward. Another Songs is Ozark Soundscape's 6th (I believe) full length album that he's released since his debut Musi C came out in 2012. I can say without a doubt that this is definitely the best album he's released. It manages to maintain the lo-fi eccentricities of his other albums but also improves upon flaws of his past work. Another Songs is definitely his most consistent and focused record that he's done. I can't say that it's perfect. There are a few moments that I do think kind of hold the album back from being the best it can be and as focused as it can be. However, the majority of these tracks feature some of Robbins' most well made songs from a critical standpoint. Songs like the sample heavy "The Sun Is Moving Faster", the wonderfully noisy garage rock tune  "Seven Car Pileup", or the very mature closer "Rummut" really solidify Another Songs as Ozark Soundscape's best album. I'm all for this. Check it out!

All Blood - "The Kids Have No Taste"

The Kids Have No Taste cover art

All Blood - The Kids Have No Taste

I'm always down for a new All Blood record. I've been following the lo-fi punk band's output since their 3rd album Flood that came out in 2012. That record is truly brutal to listen to; Jonathan Brokaw's bombastically noisy and chaotic but also beautiful brand of emotions felt very unique and ultimately it became one of my favorite albums of that year. 2 years, 2 more albums, and a full lineup revamp made up of fellow Kansas DIY darlings, and we have The Kids Have No Taste. I've got to say, this album is a total success. It's ferocious, loud, pummeling, and also manages to be catchy. It's punk rock at it's very best. While it doesn't retain a lot of the emotional value I got from an album like his 2012 effort Flood, I still find The Kids Have No Taste to live up to my expectations for an All Blood record. It's such a fun and fierce record, it can be enjoyed by almost anyone, but I can also examine it critically and enjoy it just as much. Check it out!

Tricero - "Island Universes"

Tricero - Island Universes

New Haven, CT based one man post-rock project Tricero creates some remarkably dense music. Island Universes, Tricero's sophomore album, switches from glistening and heavy post rock breakdowns to very thick and eerie drones. It moves wherever it wants to, at whatever speed it feels is best. The album is split between two parts, one going over the 15 minute mark, and the whole album coming in at just under 30 minutes. It's interesting how these movements blend together, moving quickly from ear pounding rock to quiet and beautiful soundscapes. Check it out!

09 June 2014

Audens Raign - "Duck Houses High"

Audens Raign - Duck Houses High

I like to refer to Dan Nichols, the heart and soul of Audens Raign, as R. Stevie Moore's punk rock brother. He's insanely prolific, it's tiring to keep up with his massive amount of releases sometimes. But Nichols achieves the rare feat of not sacrificing quality for quantity. Each album he puts out is a lo-fi punk roller coaster, and that is continued on Duck Houses High. I can't say it's anything particularly new for Audens Raign, but it's still a pretty solid album. For people who haven't heard his work, this might actually be a good place to start. It's not overly short, but also not as polarizingly long as an album like I'm Over It Now or Raigndeer Games. It's just some awesome rock and roll. Check it out, it's a pretty fun listen. May Audens Raign have a fruitful 2014.

Lost Trail - "Chapter 19, In Which Lost Trail Faces The Year's End"

Lost Trail - Chapter 19, In Which Lost Trail Faces The Year's End

I'm never one to pass up new Lost Trail material. The North Carolina based husband and wife duo's 19th album they've released since 2010, Chapter 19, In Which Lost Trail Faces The Year's End, is yet another incredibly solid piece of ambient music. I can't say the record really moves on new ground, but Lost Trail is still just so good at what they do that this is definitely forgivable. Chapter 19 is one of my favorite works from the group. The drones and soundscapes on this album are just so breathtakingly beautiful at points, I can't deny the pure sonic bliss that they create. How they haven't managed to become more popular than they currently are is a total mystery to me. This album is really similar to one of my other favorite ambient records, Helios' Eingya. Lost Trail incorporates a lot more acoustic guitar, piano, and even banjo at times. It really fleshes everything out and makes these dense ambient tracks feel organic. It almost feels like you're on some sort of journey. Where you're going, you don't know. This album is simply here to guide you. Fantastic work from Lost Trail, one of my favorite albums in their discography. Highly, highly, highly recommended.

Nevhar Anhar - "☥Walking Around The Rings☥"

Nevhar Anhar - ☥Walking Around The Rings☥

Mmmm, free jazz. Derek Bendel's Nevhar Anhar project released tons of material in 2013, but 2014 has been relatively quiet so far. So, seeing his latest release, the 3 track effort ☥Walking Around The Rings☥ , it was a nice surprise. Dedicated to Sun Ra, Bendel's free jazz saxophone is this albums dominating feature. Through a nice use of effects, his improv skills are enhanced and really bring these tracks a very nice but disturbing ambience. As always, Nevhar Anhar is totally at the top of his game. I'm hoping to hear more material from him soon. Check this album out in the meantime, for sure.

Pregnant - "YOUR SONG"

Pregnant - YOUR SONG

If there's one thing I do like to see in music, it's original concepts. California based duo Pregnant's latest work is a compilation of songs that are dedicated to people who donated financially to his music. There are currently 65 songs that have been released in total. However, the record label Staring At The Ceiling has released 35 of these tracks together on a compilation, split up on 4 tapes (when you buy one of them, you get a download of all 35 tracks). That's a pretty freaking cool idea if I've ever heard one. The 35 tracks on this compilation that Staring At The Ceiling put together are all very bright and colorful weirdo pop tracks. Pregnant is truly a band that knows how to make some strange but really beautiful sounding loops. It's a nice album to listen to for all those starting their summer vacations. I'm really digging this album, I'd recommend all of you to check it out. And don't forget, for $7, you can be a part of this cool little experiment. Cool, right?

Death Grips - "Niggas on the Moon"

Death Grips - Niggas on the Moon

Ah, what a lovely way to wake up. Seeing all my social media feeds being blown up with yet another Death Grips release. No complaints there. The California punk rap trio's latest strange marketing move appears to be releasing the first part of a double album, entitled The Powers That B, which will be released in full sometime (emphasis on sometime) later this year. The first part, the eloquently titled Niggas on the Moon, was just released this morning for free download. If this doesn't solidify Death Grips as the king of marketing strategies, I don't know what does. I'm gonna hold off on giving a long opinion on the music itself, I'll save that for when I can listen to the actual double album. But, I will say I'm interested to hear what The Powers That B's second part will be like. Niggas on the Moon takes elements from all their past works and blends them into the most consistently solid LP they've had since The Money Store. For me, while NO LOVE DEEP WEB and Government Plates were both solid records, neither of those records could touch Exmilitary and The Money Store. I really don't have any complaints with this first disc, and depending on how much I like the second part, I think it could be one of Death Grips best albums. I'll definitely be awaiting the album's full release. Check it out!