30 May 2014

Godsnack - "Gastronomy Vol.I: Death To False Crust"

Godsnack - Gastronomy Vol. 1: Death To False Crust

When the man behind the electronic project Godsnack sent me his latest record, I was planning to give it a short recommendation and was definitely hoping to enjoy it. I'd seen a video of him doing a live improvisation with some synths, guitar, drum machine and loop pedals and found myself pretty impressed. However, going into this album, I really wasn't sure what to expect. I decided to keep an open mind and hear what Godsnack had to offer. It was well worth it. I absolutely loved listening to Gastronomy Vol. 1. The entire album, which is only 36 minutes long and boasts 13 tracks, feels like diving into a giant stash of candy and eating all of it. It's just so fun and enjoyable, it's impossible to say no to.

Godsnack has crafted a rare album of electronic dance music that actually manages to hold my attention and allows me to appreciate the musicianship behind the bright and dance-able tracks. And as someone who really doesn't listen to electro dnace often, it really deserves some props when an artist is able to do that. Every single track on Gastronomy features layers and layers of funky and weird synths, all mixed with care and put together perfectly. The sonic pallette Godsnack offers is so colorful and bright, it's incredibly impressive. I could honestly see these tracks sounding good in a busy nightclub, or just as good for jumping on your bed. Everything feels perfect. It's not too happy or too sad ever, Godsnack always manages to find the perfect middle ground between the two and just make a fun song that is also musically fantastic.

I definitely plan to keep listening to this record throughout the summer, hopefully it'll have a place on my 2014 end of the year list. Godsnack really impressed me here. Gastronomy Vol. 1 is truly one of the funnest albums I've had the pleasure of listening to so far this year. I'd recommend it to anyone. Check it out and enjoy!

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