28 May 2014

Marcus Eads - "Magnetic Tape"

Marcus Eads - Magnetic Tape

Marcus Eads is a jack of many trades. The Minnesota resident is an incredibly prolific musician, former operator of essential tape label Sunup Recordings, a master of field recordings, and also a church youth director. His new album Magnetic Tape is in a similar vein of his last several releases; a group of dusty guitar improvisations recorded live with vintage equipment. I've enjoyed pretty much all of Eads' previous releases quite a bit, so it's no surprise that I enjoyed this one as well. While I do think maybe the improvisation isn't as bold or defined as it is on a record like Historic Grain Elevators or Someone To Ride The River With, I still find his very minimal, folky, and warbly guitar recordings pretty awesome. If what I'm describing sounds aesthetically pleasing, I'd definitely recommend Marcus Eads' new album to you. It's pretty rad.

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