30 May 2014

Daniel Klag - "Twin Labyrinths"

Daniel Klag - Twin Labyrinths 

It's been a while since I've heard from New York drone artist Daniel Klag. His fantastic album Inner Earth was released over a year ago and he didn't release anything that I know of between now and then. But nonetheless, we now have some new material from him. Klag's latest LP Twin Labyrinths is exactly what I hoped and wanted to hear him return with: a very solid collection of ambient tracks that soothe the mind. The record consistently pulls this off as Daniel creates drifting sonic landscapes that make you drift into another world. He really is great at what he does and I can't find any flaws in the sounds he's making. Twin Labyrinths' is a work of ambient mastery that fans of the genre definitely need to listen to ASAP. Mhm.

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