06 November 2013

Soccer Mom - "You Are Not Going To Heaven EP"

This is an old EP. It's been out since October of 2011. The reason I wanted to call your attention to it was because a wonderful record label up by the name of Sweaters And Pearls Records sent me a multitude of their vinyl releases, this being one of them. Seriously, it's an incredibly top notch label that puts out some amazing music. Check them out!

But on to the music. Soccer Mom makes some very nice and somewhat emotional rock music that is pretty impossible not to love. The unique guitar layering and riffs being played on the first track "(A) Natural History" are ear catching right off the bat. And it helps that said interesting riffs are insanely catchy. Every track on this EP displays a great rock sound. The 4th track "Celebrity Unrest" has some awesome guitars stacked on top of eachother and it just sounds amazingly crunchy. In a weird way, this bands guitar sounds remind me of My Bloody Valentine minus the insanely large amounts of reverb. Lot's of whammy bar, slides, etc. It's all just incredibly well done. This technical ability is mixed with some fairly emotion filled vocals from the bands lead singer. His vocals, while not my favorite, work very very well with the songs that Soccer Mom makes. My favorite track on this EP is easily the previously mentioned 4th track. The crunchy guitars, particularly emotional vocals, and the very fast paced instrumentation make it an incredibly well done rock and roll ride. This EP is pretty darn good, from start to finish. I highly recommend giving it a listen. And if you really enjoy it, be sure to go pick up the vinyl from Sweater And Pearls over here (seriously, amazing label).

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