06 November 2013

Pigeon Breeders - "Oblique Temperatures"

We all know I love my experimental music. It's obvious if you even step two pages into my blog. While I was a bit nervous going into this Pigeon Breeders LP  Oblique Temperatures, I came out definitely loving it. The 5 songs that  the Edmonton band craft on this LP are incredibly drone heavy, ambient, somewhat calming but also quite eerie. Each song is incredibly layered with noises and sounds that I can't even describe as anything other than creepy. And the thing that drives me crazier is that this band has only 3 people in it. The band makes the walls of sound that I think sound more fit for about 20 people at once just playing sounds. Not 3 guys playing with field recordings and guitar feedback drones. Either way, no matter the personnel used to make this record, Pigeon Breeders still make one of the most interesting and breathtaking musical trips you'll hear all year. If you're a fan of ambient music like Helios, Earth, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, this is definitely right up your alley. It's hard to really go into depth about songs on hear because each track just has a plethora of inventive sounds and noises that I can't fully explain. All I know is that the way Pigeon Breeders arranges said sounds and noises is just masterful to no end. There are many ways to make an ambient music album, and Pigeon Breeders just definitely went on a totally different path and made a record that, to me, is fantastic. I highly recommend you stream/download the record above and let yourself get tripped out. Enjoy!

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