06 November 2013

Monster Bad - "Freak King"

Simply put, I love the new Monster Bad LP.

Right off the bat, the album starts off with the incredibly catchy and interesting "SUNY x Overture". The track has this synth in it that feels like something out of a newer Modest Mouse record, and a beautiful amount of vocal layers that make the track just pretty wowing. All the songs on this record are quite emotional and often show a fast and loud punk urgency, but Monster Bad frontman Chris Graci is not by any means afraid to get quite. The very loud and rocking "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" is a very quick burst of manic energy that transitions into the next track, the lo-fi and slightly ambient ""Name Song/Drown", better than a majority of albums I've heard could do. Making these transitions is difficult, but Graci maneuvers them with relative ease. His incredibly well written lyrics and great songwriting seems to tie everything together perfectly. I really can't pick a favorite song off this album, there's just so much that I love I can't really pick favorites. The album is an incredible combination of emotion, rock music, acoustic/ambient moments and a healthy dose of angst. I highly recommend listening to it. You can stream and download it up above. Enjoy!

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