10 August 2013

Remedies - "Inanimate"

Remedies is an experimental bedroom dream/psych pop duo from Birmingham, Alabama. They released their Inanimate EP about a month ago, and I definitely would recommend checking it out. If your a fan of home recorded electic pop/rock artists like R. Stevie Moore and Ariel Pink, I think this is definitely gonna be up your alley. The first track "Dybbuk" is easily my favorite track. It starts with a long and crucial buildup of old school sounding drum effects, pretty acoustic guitars, and nicely layered synthesizers, and then breaks into a very loud and haunting psych pop track. It's almost kind of Post Rock sounding when this track reaches it's amazing climax. The next track "Lost" has a very strong and admirable 60's vibe that definitely feels nostalgic to sounds of the past but not to wrapped in it's influences that it becomes hard to listen to.
The title track reminds me of a much more poppy version of the breakdown on the first track, which I'm definitely a fan of. Although I don't think it quite needs its five and a half minute run time, the track is still a very nice addition to a solid EP. "You Were Always Around" feels like a much more electronic and dreamy Jesus And Mary Chain or The Cure song almost, I think it closes the EP perfectly. While Remedies second EP isn't quite perfect, it is quite good and I recommend it highly to fans of home recorded music who want a new band to listen to in genre. Download and stream the EP above.

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