22 August 2013

Daniel Klag - "Inner Earth"

Daniel Klag is a New York ambient/drone artist. And for those who know me, you know that's probably my favorite genre. But, it definitely takes a special musician to make a very memorable and different drone album these days when so many people are making music in that style. For people looking for new drone stuff that is original and amazing, allow me to introduce you to Daniel Klag.

Daniel's latest album Inner Earth came out earlier this year on Constellation Tatsu, and it's a darn good release. It stars with off with the 7 and a half "Infinite Arc", a very slow building drone filled with lo-fi and ambient synthesizers, and what I think is some distorted guitar. Daniel proves right from the get-go that he has pretty much mastered the art of drone, it's an incredible track. Up next is "Litany", an incredibly ambient and chilled out drone featuring very weary synthesizers and some lazy female vocals buried in the background. "Moth Wings" has an incredibly emotional melody that is just beautiful. It's just beautiful, simply put. The distorted guitar just amplifies the track to astronomical heights. "Awakener" has a great drone with some random additional vocals and little synth blips and bells that make it pretty awesome. Ending the LP is the 12 minute monster "Manticore". Right from the first few seconds, it's a very powerful and loud drone that is beautifully layered throughout. It definitely shows that, just like the other tracks, Daniel certainly has his own style of making very relaxing drones that you can just totally zone out to that I just love. It's pretty incredible.

The 5 tracks on this album make up one of the best ambient releases that I think has come out in 2013 so far. It's incredible. Nothing more to say. I highly recommend streaming it up above, buying it either digitally or buying one of the awesome cassettes from Constellation Tatsu. Enjoy!

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