11 August 2013

Beaded Hall - "Honey Feather"

For those familiar with the Whatever Forever collective and the musicians who record and play at Seedco Studios, Andrew Frederick is a very familiar face. Usually you will see Andrew as the eccentric and wild front man for OILS and more recently the bass player for CS Luxem. However, seeing Andrew doing solo efforts is a much less frequent happening. But, directly after a month on the road, Andrew dropped his first official solo EP. And just like it's two sister releases (the debut OILS EP and the new CS Luxem album), it's absolutely fantastic.

Right from the first phasered guitar chords, I knew I was gonna like this EP. Through the 5 tracks on Honey Feather, Andrew crafts a very eclectic and well made batch of songs. Andrew's voice is as emotive and wonderful to here as ever, and his guitar skills are much more up front and kind of experimental and psychedelic here. The opening title track starts out with this guitar phaser drone and then breaks into a loud and distorted guitar solo right in the middle of it, plus some very far and washed out vocals can be heard in the distance toward the end. "silence generates" starts as a quiet emotional guitar ballad that's really enjoyable, then transitions into this loud looped guitar effects show that's really interesting to listen to. "ahhhh" is easily my favorite track; a brief but excellent track of guitar and vocal loops that sounds just incredibly psychedelic and lovely. I'd love to hear Andrew or even OILS play with more stuff like this in the future. "I have been" is a nice singer songwriter moment with just Andrew and his electric guitar and some phaser, and it sounds wonderful yet again. "the feather fold" is a very quiet acoustic track that I like a lot. It's the EP's most minimalistic moment, by far and it's a very relaxing treat to end the release.

It's a great EP, I would highly recommend it along with the recent string of releases coming from the Whatever Forever artists. Download it and stream it above, like always. Enjoy!

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