13 March 2013

Lockbox - "boi"

It's currently 2:38AM at the time I began writing this article. The only that is helping me keep awake right now is probably this new Lockbox album.

I have to say, as far as a full on weird and trippy electronic dance record goes in 2013, it doesn't get much better than this brand new Lockbox LP. Rarely cohesive, incredibly scatterbrained, sometimes beautiful, well produced, and occasionally pretty dancy (in a weird hipster club kinda way), Lockbox really proves himself as a true talent. This is definitely one of those rare albums where I'm not going to go through it track by track. It's definitely an album that you need to experience. The pure randomness that boi provides the listener in it's short but sweet 35 minutes really makes it never boring. My favorite tracks are definitely the opener "LITERALLY SMILE ONE MILLION", "ego death", and "Maximum Kiss". "LITERALLY SMILE ONE MILLION" is this incredibly glitchy, loud and wild dance and ambient track with tons of weird synths that pop in constantly. There are tons of random time signature switches, melody changes, weird repeating glitches, and just everything that I could possibly want in a song like this. "ego death" features what might be either the most annoying or hilariously catchy synth line of the century, depending on your opinion. "Maximum Kiss" is this pretty nice and cool end to the LP, that was pretty awesome. I love how ambient the track gets at points. If you're ready for a pretty wild listen, and you're ready just to sit down and listen to all the random intricacies that Lockbox has to offer, give this a listen. You can download and stream it right up there. :)

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