23 February 2013

Rishi - "Phantasmagoria"

Rishi is the musical project of Rolf Petermann (Karma Vision). The Whatever Forever founder/pizza enthusiast  first album, Phantasmagoria, is one of the best pieces of experimental and avant garde pop and jazz I've heard so far this year. The two weirdo tracks on this album combine just an overall love for lo-fi bedroom pop and spontaneous/random experimentalism. This album sometimes feels like cereal bar. Delicious, flavor full, sometimes weird, and just a mix of as many scrumptious things as possible. The first track starts with a catchy and lo-fi indie pop track. A simple and catchy synth line, well done guitars, some other random instruments (accordion?), and some very entrancing vocals from Rolf. A little after the 2 minute mark just transforms into this collage of musical ideas and sounds that never quite finish, or start with warning. There's never really a dull moment on the song, just constantly morphing from loud and atmospheric yelling to smooth jazz. On that Jazz note, now would be a good moment to point out that Rolf is a really awesome Saxophone player. Track 2 is a track he collaborated on with excellent musician and mixer Brian Miller. This track continues perfectly in the footsteps of the first track. It's a huge mish-mash of styles, sounds, and instruments. I really love the middle eastern flavored first section of the song. The looped sax line into some weird and experimental filters over some nice drum beats is pretty heavenly to my ears. After hearing this, and what Rolf has to offer musically, I'm very excited to hear if he releases anything in the future. Very excellent debut. You can stream and buy the LP up above.

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