08 February 2013

Hobo Cubes/Jonathan James Carr - "Split"

I rarely review split tapes, but I definitely thought this one deserved an exception.

This is a brand new split tape between Hobo Cubes (best band name ever?) and Jonathan James Carr. And if you like your electronic soundscapes littered with oddball experiments and sounds, this is definitely worth your time and money. The first track, the Hobo Cubes track "The Vertigo Slip", is this incredibly weird and evolving sound piece with tons of twists and turns. It all starts with these very blippy synthesizers just freaking out. These synthesizers just sound sharp as glass, it really just grabs your attention immediately. Then, it just evolves into a multi-part soundscape that will mess with your head. At almost 17 minutes long, it really just hits you with wave after wave of disturbing electronic experiments. The Jonathan James Carr track, "Stereo Voice Of The Tuned Dolphinizer" is equally as odd as Hobo Cubes' track. It starts with this incredibly weird flying synth sound, alternating between the right and left audio channels until it goes into this loud and rather warped synth oddessey. The majority of the track is a long evolving synthscape. These synthscapes can go anywhere from very pretty to what sounds like a old circus/church organ on acid. The last part of the track is this very weird beat oriented section that just tunes in an out. It's just... bizarre. This split is definitely a worthwhile dive into the incredibly weird and odd sections of electronic music, and I'm glad I got to hear it. You can stream and buy the split right up there, and also buy a tape copy from Constellation Tatsu here.

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