27 January 2013

Wally Tusk And The Film Club - "Wizard Gandhi"

Folk punk is a straight up awesome genre. And as far as I know, 2013 hasn't really had a good folk punk LP out yet. So, to fix that, I present to you the new Wally Tusk And The Film Club LP Wizard Gandhi. The two man band out of Chicago writes some very dark and sad songs that I really like. The lyrical darkness that these guys write sometimes reminds me of bands like Andrew Jackson Jihad, but with it's own disturbing spin. Each lyric is will either make you laugh, cringe or cry. I mean how do you react when you hear lyrics like "I want to take everyone you love and throw them in a flaming pit" and "I pray the ghost of Richard Nixon will come and save us all"? In addition to the lyrics, the actual playing ability that these guys have is pretty nice. They know how to string together a very emotional and awesome folk punk song between just the two of them. My favorite track is definitely "I Hope We Burn In Hell", easily the most folk punk inspired track on this record, and with some of the darkest lyrics as well. Stream and download the LP for free right up there, as always.

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