18 January 2013

Person Whale - "One Plus One Equals A Third EP"

Despite what some people might think, the state of the music scene in Iowa is booming right now. With awesome bands like Lesbian Poetry, Little Ruckus, Gunpowder Fatty, Pizza Babe, Slut River, Utopia Park, Mumford's, Supersonic Piss, Putrid Bliss and Dirt Bones representing their area incredibly well, I don't how you can't deny the power Iowa has right now. One of my favorite artists that I've been waiting for a official release from for a while from Iowa, Person Whale, has finally answered my prayers. Person Whale is the solo project of Gunpowder Fatty member Luke Belknap, and he's been putting up demo tracks on his bandcamp since last summer. But now, we have his first EP One Plus One Equals A Third. While it definitely goes in a different direction then his demos, Luke definitely chose the correct direction to make this an awesome EP. Between the 3 tracks on here, Luke creates some really pretty and simplistic singer/songwriter tunes. From the very far out and delayed vocals to the very somber acoustic guitar, every sonic detail on this EP prove to be very interesting and awesome. If the EP reminds me of anyone in particular, I would definitely say I see similarities to early John Dwyer material, like all the way back when he was home recording as OCS. My favorite track is definitely the title track, with the vocals being much more at the fore front of the track, and they and the guitar both have this extra hint of emotion laced into them. If this is a sampler of what might come soon on perhaps a Person Whale full length. I'm very excited to say the least. Give the EP a listen and a download up above.

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