26 January 2013

Miracles Of Modern Science - "The Singularity"

Princeton, NJ band Miracles Of Modern Science is releasing a new EP, MEEMS, on February 9th. Now, because I love this band and think they're awesome, I wanted to bring your attention to this fact, and get you as excited as I am about it by showing you the first single off the EP, "The Singularity". Miracles Of Modern Science show off their impeccable musicianship better than ever on this track, with amazing use of all of their wonderful string arsenal. Instead of using their talents for what most unorthodox string musicians/bands do (make very baroque and old time style music), these guys use their talents for very passionate, fun and inventive indie "rock". I could definitely see a band getting indie darling status on the blogosphere. Absolutely no one can't swoon at the beautiful harmonies and playing that these guys make. It's just pure awesomeness. Stream the track above, and get very excited for the MEEMS EP, coming out on February 9th.

1 comment:

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