27 January 2013

Lost Trail - "Nothing Is F**ked Forever"

Lost Trail is the brilliant husband and wife duo of Zach and Denny Corsa out of Burlington, NC. These guys have tons of awesome material all over the place, and I have to say, I love all of it. From the very ambitious multi-media project Traumatic Attachments to the some of the amazing live recordings the band has, these guys really have consistently impressed me with each new thing they put out. And this new album, Nothing Is F**ked Forever, is no different.

Lost Trail, on their first full length LP since last summer, continue to make incredibly impressive ambient drones. It all starts with "Ghost Chemtrails", a very windy drone with an odd monologue going on in the background. It really is Lost Trail at it's best. "Hospital Corners" is this very weird and odd experiment with what seems like warped tapes. It's definitely something I almost can't define. I LOVE the track "Manufactured Landscapes". It's a very pretty ambient piece with tons of loops and effects, reminding me a little bit of more ambient GY!BE moments. "Progress Trap" is this loud and mind-numbing drone that eventually progresses into this very soft and light hearted ambience that I find lovely. The first part of this track is just so loud that it really doesn't let you focus on anything else. It's just pure noise. "Survivor's Guilt" is this very interesting naturscape track. It's very hard to decipher what's happening in the track, but at the same time it's very wonderful. "Generation's Loss" is another very odd and noisy drone. It sounds almost like someone took a tape recorder, and stuck it under a moving river. Or something like that. "Evaporation Ponds" has this very weird warped choir sample/loop playing over and over again over a interesting array of background noise. "Safe Roads And Railways" is just this very fragile piano track, only using the higher reaches of the keys, over a quited naturescape. It really is just beautiful. "The Missing Hour" is this really great and drawn out ambient piece with some very interesting evolutions all over. "The Open House Murders" is this very interesting drone that feels like it may have structure to it, but you're not quite sure. "Parting Hands" is a very, VERY lo-fi bleak piano piece. The piano is so far away and out there that I honestly couldn't tell what it was at first. "Sick Building Syndrome" is this very loud and bleak drone and soundscape. Tons of atmosphere really make this track almost pure drone perfection. "Deer In The Yard" is a very weird experiment with what feels like a warped tape recording of maybe a church choir performance. "The Widow And Rev. Moore" is this very disturbing track, with a high pitched tone echoing throughout it and some random voices popping up towards the end. "Out There Part II" is a very pretty and mind numbing drone that is equal parts beautiful and delicate and also freaking loud at some points. The final track on here "Dialogue For A Shattered Town" is the perfect closer. Very experimental, drawn out, pretty, disturbing, and just Lost Trail in a nutshell.

Lost Trail really continues to impress me on this record, and I have a feeling 2013 will hold more interesting and amazing turns for these guys. Drone and ambient music has never sounded better. You can stream and buy (yes, buy it!) the album up above, and buy a limited edition C58 from Wood Thrush Tapes right here.

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