05 January 2013

INTERVIEW: Luxury Elite

You guys all probably know I'm a supporter of the new genre Vaporwave. A lot of people think it's just a internet trend, I think not. I'm rarely disappointed with the collections of fun and nostalgic collections of jazz samples that these artists put together. One of my favorite artists to arise in the Vaporwave genre is Luxury Elite, a very new artist from Kentucky (her first official record came out in early December). We got the pleasure to ask her a few questions, just a few days after her awesome internet performance in the Vaporwave festival #SPF420FEST 2.0. While reading the interview check out her newest record, Rose Quartz, below and download it free. Enjoy!

Me: Please state your name, occupation and location.
Luxury Elite, song sampler and music lover from somewhere in Kentucky.

Me: How long have you been recording under the Luxury Elite name? Have you ever done any other musical projects?
This is actually my first ever music project. I love music, but I never thought I could pull off doing anything myself. I had been joking around about the name in various rooms on Turntable.fm for a month or so before actually doing the music for it, which started around...September 10th, I believe? Posted my first song (Tastefully Hot) on Soundcloud on the 12th and then four days later, Ooh gained attention and the project has been going uphill from there.

Me: How does your music making process go? Where do you get most of your samples?
The songs I sample are songs I've discovered through YouTube surfing or songs I've loved through my radio/television surfing through my 24 years of life. My process is pretty simple...find what I like/what I feel like works, fix it/crop it all to how I like it, and then add the effects in and see what sounds great and what doesn't sound too great.

Me: Tell us a little bit about the awesomeness that was #SPF420FEST 2.0!
That. was. amazing. Total high from that experience. I expected people, and I expected quite a bit of people, but I most certainly did not expect 100+ people. We capped at 134/135 but kept a steady ~115-120 people during the time I was in there. This was the first performance I had ever done, and I was extremely nervous, but the reaction was great. It was cool having people ask for their favorite songs to be played and seeing people occasionally sing along. It's satisfying to know that people are loving something that you truly enjoy doing. I unfortunately had to leave shortly after Prism Corp.'s set was done, but I dug everybody's sets that I did get the chance to watch. I found the audio of the performances from Transmuteo and Veracom yesterday and their sets were wonderful. If you weren't there, you should have been there!

Me: why do you think that the Vaporwave aesthetic has really taken hold of the internet, despite the short time its been around?
I believe it is two things: 1. The nostalgia for late 80s/early 90s television, fashion, music, etc. and enjoying the cheesiness of it, and 2. the artists who were considered chillwave were then incorporating the elements of what people now call vaporwave and using 80s and 90s imagery as their visuals, and some of the fans were more open to vaporwave. I know many "chillwavers" who are big fans of vaporwave now and I'm not sure if people would have been so interested in this otherwise, quite frankly. People who used to laugh at the "weather channel music" now embrace it. It's great music, very hypnotizing and soothing stuff, and some of the artists out there have made it soothing and turned it into a really fabulous looped groove. Who can resist a great groove?

Me: Do you think that there will ever be a day when Vaporwave is recognized as more than internet trend by major music sources? Or will it/should it stay the way it is now?
I don't think they'll take it very seriously, honestly. They'll probably laugh at it like they've laughed at witch house, seapunk, (most) chillwave, etc. People don't think that these genres are legitimate and I'm sure that this decade will sadly be known more for the dubstep/brostep shit than anything else.

Me: Who are some of your favorite Vaporwave artists?
I'll always be a major fan of the contributions of New Dreams Ltd. The guy behind 18 Carat Affair has been listed as vaporwave in the past, so it gives me an excuse to name him on this list. Love him. I also really love Lasership Stereo. I could go on and on and on but I'll just choose those three and end it there.

Me: Do you ever play live?
It was hard enough doing the #SPF420FEST, I don't know if I could ever handle doing this in real life.

Me: Any closing comments?
Make sure you all check out the new release, Rose Quartz, which I self-released before #SPF420FEST! Also, thank you all for your love and support for my project. You all are wonderful.

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