27 January 2013

Wally Tusk And The Film Club - "Wizard Gandhi"

Folk punk is a straight up awesome genre. And as far as I know, 2013 hasn't really had a good folk punk LP out yet. So, to fix that, I present to you the new Wally Tusk And The Film Club LP Wizard Gandhi. The two man band out of Chicago writes some very dark and sad songs that I really like. The lyrical darkness that these guys write sometimes reminds me of bands like Andrew Jackson Jihad, but with it's own disturbing spin. Each lyric is will either make you laugh, cringe or cry. I mean how do you react when you hear lyrics like "I want to take everyone you love and throw them in a flaming pit" and "I pray the ghost of Richard Nixon will come and save us all"? In addition to the lyrics, the actual playing ability that these guys have is pretty nice. They know how to string together a very emotional and awesome folk punk song between just the two of them. My favorite track is definitely "I Hope We Burn In Hell", easily the most folk punk inspired track on this record, and with some of the darkest lyrics as well. Stream and download the LP for free right up there, as always.

Lost Trail - "Nothing Is F**ked Forever"

Lost Trail is the brilliant husband and wife duo of Zach and Denny Corsa out of Burlington, NC. These guys have tons of awesome material all over the place, and I have to say, I love all of it. From the very ambitious multi-media project Traumatic Attachments to the some of the amazing live recordings the band has, these guys really have consistently impressed me with each new thing they put out. And this new album, Nothing Is F**ked Forever, is no different.

Lost Trail, on their first full length LP since last summer, continue to make incredibly impressive ambient drones. It all starts with "Ghost Chemtrails", a very windy drone with an odd monologue going on in the background. It really is Lost Trail at it's best. "Hospital Corners" is this very weird and odd experiment with what seems like warped tapes. It's definitely something I almost can't define. I LOVE the track "Manufactured Landscapes". It's a very pretty ambient piece with tons of loops and effects, reminding me a little bit of more ambient GY!BE moments. "Progress Trap" is this loud and mind-numbing drone that eventually progresses into this very soft and light hearted ambience that I find lovely. The first part of this track is just so loud that it really doesn't let you focus on anything else. It's just pure noise. "Survivor's Guilt" is this very interesting naturscape track. It's very hard to decipher what's happening in the track, but at the same time it's very wonderful. "Generation's Loss" is another very odd and noisy drone. It sounds almost like someone took a tape recorder, and stuck it under a moving river. Or something like that. "Evaporation Ponds" has this very weird warped choir sample/loop playing over and over again over a interesting array of background noise. "Safe Roads And Railways" is just this very fragile piano track, only using the higher reaches of the keys, over a quited naturescape. It really is just beautiful. "The Missing Hour" is this really great and drawn out ambient piece with some very interesting evolutions all over. "The Open House Murders" is this very interesting drone that feels like it may have structure to it, but you're not quite sure. "Parting Hands" is a very, VERY lo-fi bleak piano piece. The piano is so far away and out there that I honestly couldn't tell what it was at first. "Sick Building Syndrome" is this very loud and bleak drone and soundscape. Tons of atmosphere really make this track almost pure drone perfection. "Deer In The Yard" is a very weird experiment with what feels like a warped tape recording of maybe a church choir performance. "The Widow And Rev. Moore" is this very disturbing track, with a high pitched tone echoing throughout it and some random voices popping up towards the end. "Out There Part II" is a very pretty and mind numbing drone that is equal parts beautiful and delicate and also freaking loud at some points. The final track on here "Dialogue For A Shattered Town" is the perfect closer. Very experimental, drawn out, pretty, disturbing, and just Lost Trail in a nutshell.

Lost Trail really continues to impress me on this record, and I have a feeling 2013 will hold more interesting and amazing turns for these guys. Drone and ambient music has never sounded better. You can stream and buy (yes, buy it!) the album up above, and buy a limited edition C58 from Wood Thrush Tapes right here.

26 January 2013

Miracles Of Modern Science - "The Singularity"

Princeton, NJ band Miracles Of Modern Science is releasing a new EP, MEEMS, on February 9th. Now, because I love this band and think they're awesome, I wanted to bring your attention to this fact, and get you as excited as I am about it by showing you the first single off the EP, "The Singularity". Miracles Of Modern Science show off their impeccable musicianship better than ever on this track, with amazing use of all of their wonderful string arsenal. Instead of using their talents for what most unorthodox string musicians/bands do (make very baroque and old time style music), these guys use their talents for very passionate, fun and inventive indie "rock". I could definitely see a band getting indie darling status on the blogosphere. Absolutely no one can't swoon at the beautiful harmonies and playing that these guys make. It's just pure awesomeness. Stream the track above, and get very excited for the MEEMS EP, coming out on February 9th.

18 January 2013

Person Whale - "One Plus One Equals A Third EP"

Despite what some people might think, the state of the music scene in Iowa is booming right now. With awesome bands like Lesbian Poetry, Little Ruckus, Gunpowder Fatty, Pizza Babe, Slut River, Utopia Park, Mumford's, Supersonic Piss, Putrid Bliss and Dirt Bones representing their area incredibly well, I don't how you can't deny the power Iowa has right now. One of my favorite artists that I've been waiting for a official release from for a while from Iowa, Person Whale, has finally answered my prayers. Person Whale is the solo project of Gunpowder Fatty member Luke Belknap, and he's been putting up demo tracks on his bandcamp since last summer. But now, we have his first EP One Plus One Equals A Third. While it definitely goes in a different direction then his demos, Luke definitely chose the correct direction to make this an awesome EP. Between the 3 tracks on here, Luke creates some really pretty and simplistic singer/songwriter tunes. From the very far out and delayed vocals to the very somber acoustic guitar, every sonic detail on this EP prove to be very interesting and awesome. If the EP reminds me of anyone in particular, I would definitely say I see similarities to early John Dwyer material, like all the way back when he was home recording as OCS. My favorite track is definitely the title track, with the vocals being much more at the fore front of the track, and they and the guitar both have this extra hint of emotion laced into them. If this is a sampler of what might come soon on perhaps a Person Whale full length. I'm very excited to say the least. Give the EP a listen and a download up above.

05 January 2013

INTERVIEW: Luxury Elite

You guys all probably know I'm a supporter of the new genre Vaporwave. A lot of people think it's just a internet trend, I think not. I'm rarely disappointed with the collections of fun and nostalgic collections of jazz samples that these artists put together. One of my favorite artists to arise in the Vaporwave genre is Luxury Elite, a very new artist from Kentucky (her first official record came out in early December). We got the pleasure to ask her a few questions, just a few days after her awesome internet performance in the Vaporwave festival #SPF420FEST 2.0. While reading the interview check out her newest record, Rose Quartz, below and download it free. Enjoy!

Me: Please state your name, occupation and location.
Luxury Elite, song sampler and music lover from somewhere in Kentucky.

Me: How long have you been recording under the Luxury Elite name? Have you ever done any other musical projects?
This is actually my first ever music project. I love music, but I never thought I could pull off doing anything myself. I had been joking around about the name in various rooms on Turntable.fm for a month or so before actually doing the music for it, which started around...September 10th, I believe? Posted my first song (Tastefully Hot) on Soundcloud on the 12th and then four days later, Ooh gained attention and the project has been going uphill from there.

Me: How does your music making process go? Where do you get most of your samples?
The songs I sample are songs I've discovered through YouTube surfing or songs I've loved through my radio/television surfing through my 24 years of life. My process is pretty simple...find what I like/what I feel like works, fix it/crop it all to how I like it, and then add the effects in and see what sounds great and what doesn't sound too great.

Me: Tell us a little bit about the awesomeness that was #SPF420FEST 2.0!
That. was. amazing. Total high from that experience. I expected people, and I expected quite a bit of people, but I most certainly did not expect 100+ people. We capped at 134/135 but kept a steady ~115-120 people during the time I was in there. This was the first performance I had ever done, and I was extremely nervous, but the reaction was great. It was cool having people ask for their favorite songs to be played and seeing people occasionally sing along. It's satisfying to know that people are loving something that you truly enjoy doing. I unfortunately had to leave shortly after Prism Corp.'s set was done, but I dug everybody's sets that I did get the chance to watch. I found the audio of the performances from Transmuteo and Veracom yesterday and their sets were wonderful. If you weren't there, you should have been there!

Me: why do you think that the Vaporwave aesthetic has really taken hold of the internet, despite the short time its been around?
I believe it is two things: 1. The nostalgia for late 80s/early 90s television, fashion, music, etc. and enjoying the cheesiness of it, and 2. the artists who were considered chillwave were then incorporating the elements of what people now call vaporwave and using 80s and 90s imagery as their visuals, and some of the fans were more open to vaporwave. I know many "chillwavers" who are big fans of vaporwave now and I'm not sure if people would have been so interested in this otherwise, quite frankly. People who used to laugh at the "weather channel music" now embrace it. It's great music, very hypnotizing and soothing stuff, and some of the artists out there have made it soothing and turned it into a really fabulous looped groove. Who can resist a great groove?

Me: Do you think that there will ever be a day when Vaporwave is recognized as more than internet trend by major music sources? Or will it/should it stay the way it is now?
I don't think they'll take it very seriously, honestly. They'll probably laugh at it like they've laughed at witch house, seapunk, (most) chillwave, etc. People don't think that these genres are legitimate and I'm sure that this decade will sadly be known more for the dubstep/brostep shit than anything else.

Me: Who are some of your favorite Vaporwave artists?
I'll always be a major fan of the contributions of New Dreams Ltd. The guy behind 18 Carat Affair has been listed as vaporwave in the past, so it gives me an excuse to name him on this list. Love him. I also really love Lasership Stereo. I could go on and on and on but I'll just choose those three and end it there.

Me: Do you ever play live?
It was hard enough doing the #SPF420FEST, I don't know if I could ever handle doing this in real life.

Me: Any closing comments?
Make sure you all check out the new release, Rose Quartz, which I self-released before #SPF420FEST! Also, thank you all for your love and support for my project. You all are wonderful.

04 January 2013

Jude Morrison - "Phantasmagoria"

As far as interesting and abstract music went in 2012, I think it was a great year. Many artists pushed and stretched my personal definition of music and made it more loving towards harsher and bolder sounds and experiments. And I have to say, I'm very disappointed I got to this LP late, because this album would have fit that criteria perfectly.

Jude Morrison is a UK drone metal/experimental musician who really slipped by me this year. He and a few other artists on his record label spent 2012 making some darn good releases that for some reason, after Jude made his excellent LP Feedback Ritual, I didn't listen to. And that makes me sad, because listening to them now, these gentlemen did a fine job. Out of the several records that they did release, however, one stood out above all the rest. Jude's LP Phantasmagoria. This album really breaks all possible rules of what is considered music by most people. With wicked and windy soundscapes/drones behind him, Jude spins haunting stories laced in a thick haze of reverb. There are only 4 tracks that go below 20 minutes, and 1 that goes to a monstrous 1 hour long. Absolutely nothing about this album is for the faint of heart. Jude's voice and stories are incredibly wicked and pretty scary. I love how on a majority of the tracks here Jude's drones evolve more and more as tracks go on. My favorite instrumentals on here go to the tracks "The Devil and Johnny Orpheus" and "The Tainted Village". "The Devil and Johnny Orpheus" has this thick Sunn O))) esque guitar drone in the back with a developing noise scape backing it to make this story much different then the others. "The Tainted Village" has a very creepy echoey synth that really gives this terrifying story an extra umph into lunacy.  This will not be an easy listen for any music lover. The 4 hours of material on here are just almost impenetrably terrifying. But, for those who make it to the other side, you will find this to be one of the best unheard gems of 2012. Give the album a listen and a free download up above. I highly recommend it, but you will come back a changed person.