02 December 2012

Tim Feeney - "Weakness"

DOWNLOAD (direct link)

Tim Feeney is an Alabama based percussionist and composer. What he does as a musician is something I really don't think most percussionists would want to do or can do that first time they come up to a drum set. His compositions that creates on the drums are the result of incredibly amplified sounds he creates by rubbing sticks, bows and tons of various items on his drums. What he does is really very comparable to some of the stuff that John Cage experimented with while he was alive (sound wise) . It's really just hard to make sense of, the stuff that he's doing. This is his new LP, Weakness, out digitally via Full Spectrum Records. It is a 42 minute long track of the experimental drums this man has become known for. The whole thing is just a ambitious and growing drone of rolling drums, tones and amplified noise coming from the drum that I never would have guessed you would could get out of them. His really avant garde drive and vision make this album into one of the most interesting musical experiences around right now. The first 20 minutes of this song is definitely not going to be exciting for non patient listeners. It's a bunch of very odd drum rolls played on different drums, constantly popping in and cutting out at will. I loved just the brutal minimalism that Feeney shows on this part, just really creating this very bleak and minimal landscape that I personally love. For those who were turned off by the first half of this song, you will probably enjoy the second half more. The drum drones thicken and turn into much more sound. It just gets more and more experimental and thick as you go through. I really recommend this LP to my friends out there that love new and experimental sounds. It's pretty great. Follow the download link above for a direct download from Full Spectrum Records.