07 December 2012

Riot Meadows - "tEMPORAL dRIFT tAPE"

Riot Meadows is a brand new Wisconsin ambient and drone project. This is their debut release, the tEMPORAL dRIFT tAPE. I'm not really feeling like doing a ton of writing right now, so I'll keep it short. This LP is a must listen for anyone wanting a brand new drone artist. This thing is filled with experimental synth and guitar textures, and backed these very loud and roaring nature scapes that really give this project a very original feel to it. On the mere half hour this thing lasts, you are constantly being hit with waves of bright noise synths that really just envelop your entire being. My favorite tracks on here are definitely "___pINGICULA" and "___cATCHING pHOTONS". "___pINGICULA" is a 10 minute long song with this glorious ambience in it. It really is just about perfect, and it progresses as the track moves forward. It's quite excellent. And the final track  "___cATCHING pHOTONS" has just this beautiful sense of evolution. The thick drone of spaced synths just keeps getting larger as the track goes on. The last minute or so of the song is just a treat to listen to. Definitely give this album a stream and definitely buy it (low price of $2) right up there. Most excellent.

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