19 December 2012

Regret, The Informer - "Less Than Three"

Regret, The Informer is one of the many awesome bands on XO Press. I've got a tape copy of their EP Haet Us, and while it definitely isn't my favorite release from XO press, it's a very nice addition to my tape collection. Now, in October Regret, The Informer went on a tour to celebrate the release of this Less Than Three 7". And I gotta say, Regret, The Informer made a very good impression on me with this 7". Regret, The Informer brings 3 songs of very raw and emotional post punk/hardcore that really get me. The 7" starts off with "Tour De Franzia", a bit more of a post hardcore song with some elements of math rock mixed in. A very consistently changing time signature gives the track a very cool edge. Stephen Proski's (you may know him from the band Meat Mist [!]) rather scratchy high pitched vocal delivery gives the track a very good emotional push. "Good Morning Drug" has this incredibly catchy intro riff, but evolves very quickly into some wild punk madness. The changes on this track are just as interesting as they were on the first track. This track definitely is one of the catchiest post punk songs I've heard this year. The 7" ends with "Sleeveless In Seattle". And while this is not my favorite track on here, it is definitely a very good and enjoyable end to this thing. I'm definitely sitting and ready to here what Regret, The Informer does next now. I'm very glad I gave them another chance. Give the 7" a listen up above, and get a copy of the 7" right here.

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