30 December 2012

mnttaB - "mainsHum"

Are you wanting to party on New Years Eve? Do you have bizarre musical tastes? Do you like punk, electronic, noise pop, and industrial music? I will quickly recommend the new mnttaB EP for you. The Australian musician, who has been around since April of 2011, just dropped his new mainsHum EP on Christmas. The 5 tracks on here is just song after song of noisy, harsh and loud electronics over the shouted and occasionally distorted vocals of mnttaB. Some of the tracks bear heavy similarities to Death Grips and B L A C K I E. The heavy distortion, the ear shattering instrumentals, and the yells of mnttaB really can give him many comparisons to punk rappers like them. If I were to have a favorite thing about this EP it would be mnttaB's instrumentals. He just really knows how to throw together a nice and heavy electronic arrangement. Each track has its own way of being interesting as far as synths and beats go. My favorite track on here is definitely the title track. It is the track that reminds me the most of B L A C K I E, with its incredibly overblown and distorted instrumental and vocal delivery. Out of all the the tracks, it's the catchiest for me. I'm definitely glad this got sent to me, and I'm probably gonna be playing this at my next party (because I have SO many parties. Obviously). Stream and download the EP up above, and buy a copy of either the 3" CD-R or  C-15 tape of the EP from Red Panda Records here.

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