19 December 2012

Lovebrrd - "JODOCUS"

Lovebrrd is Florida musician Patrick McBratney. Before Lovebrrd, the main thing I know him for is managing Lava Church, a really great label where I find quite a bit of cool music. While I have not been a very dedicated listener to McBratney's musical exploits, he has released some very good material in the large discography he has accumulated since the release of his debut LP in May of 2011. This is one of his latest albums JODOCUS, out now on Holy Page. And I have to say, for first timers to Lovebrrd albums, this is a pretty great place to start. This album is just song after song of mind numbing   ambient scapes that I find excellent. The first 2 songs are very similar, with these very repetitive lo-fi synth notes backed behind these very intriguing odd noises and voices. While these tracks can seem incredibly repetitive, even though they are just 5 minutes, if you're very open minded to these tracks, you'll get a lot of enjoyment out of them. The tracks "You Will Suffer", "Reflections", and "Passing On" are all very escalating harsh noises scapes. Each track slowly builds into something louder, something darker as it progresses. The track "You Must Die" has these very pretty guitars or synths (I'm not sure which), that I really like. They feel very melancholy and gloomy. The track also has these very distant drum sounds that added an extra umph to the track. And the last song on here, "Swans Song", is completely different from all the other tracks. It feels like a very passionate dream pop song with an organ at the forefront. I definitely felt that it was a bit of a random track to have here, but I still really liked it. Definitely a very interesting and solid listen from start to finish, and a very good album for me to get into winter with. Grab a digital copy for free right up there, and grab a copy of the tape from Holy Page over here.

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