21 December 2012


Electronic music has become incredibly popular in the recent years. There really is no denying that. Are you having trouble finding an electronic musician you actually like? Do you feel overwhelmed by the mass of bandcamp and soundcloud links spewing from every direction? Well, here's a nice little treat for you. HEATFLUX is electronic musician Alex Vaughn from Chicago. This is his first official EP [as far as I now], dropped right around Halloween. While it is just 5 tracks, it's definitely some awesome and lo-fi music to help you get through the upcoming cold of the holidays. There are no bass wobbles, jarring drops or brutal breakdowns in Vaughn's compositions. Just very catchy and lo-fi sort of casiotone synthesizers with some rather glitchy drum machines. Each track is a wonderful lo-fi panoramic electronica wall of synth blips that I find INCREDIBLY enjoyable. There is a bit of an 8-bit quality to some of these songs as well that I find awesome. I definitely recommended giving this thing a quick listen and download to your iPod devices right up there as always. :)

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