21 December 2012

Gay Uncle/The Phaggs - "Split"

For those of you looking for some quick, brutal, and loud punk rock, I recommend this new little gem from COMO. I love the raw intensity that both Gay Uncle and The Phaggs bring to the table on their new split 7". It's just track after track of catchy and crusty punk that is a punch in the face as it is incredibly catchy. Gay Uncle's side starts off with what is easily my favorite track on the split, "Glad I'm Dead". The hook on this song is SO catchy. "Trough" is just full on punk mayhem: tons of tempo changes, minor guitar chords out of every direction, and wonderful shouted vocals from the band's lead singer. Both "Depression" and "Girl Sex" continue that punk mayhem without any faults or stumbles. These guys may stick to a formula, but they do that formula REALLY well. The Phaggs' side starts off with "My Life Is A Fashion Statement", which starts with a rather awesome opening riff, but then a quick 4 hits to the hi-hat bring the track into a nonstop punk rock madhouse that doesn't let up until The Phaggs' 3 songs are done. The only problem I had with their side of the split was the lead singers vocals, and I don't really blame these guys for that, because the stuff that is online right now are the rough recordings. So, any judgments of this guy's voice (which I actually do enjoy quite a bit) are basically not going to be right until I just buy a copy of the split myself. You can give both sides of the split a listen and a download up above. Also, for my beautiful friends in the midwest, these guys are going a short but sweet midwestern tour for the release of this split. You can take a look at all of the tour dates right over here. There coming to KC, and playing with Fergus And Geronimo [!]. Hoping to see that quite a bit... Happy holidays!

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