30 December 2012

CS Luxem + Oils - "Supermoon"

Two of Lawrence's best experimental musicians teaming up together on a collaborative release? Yes please. Recorded way back in May at the Front/Space in KC, these songs are the result of Chris Luxem and Andrew Frederick playing music together during the supermoon. They locked the door at the Front/Space until the recordings were finished. The EP, appropriately titled Supermoon, is 6 songs of some darn awesome experimental rock. I love the short opener "Boom", a very nice and ambient voice looping track. It's that kind of looping that actually made me fall in love with Luxem's music in the first place. "Bungleclues" is an awesome guitar improv with tons of ambient elements mixed into it. The hazy vocal opening, odd found sounds, the bass synth in the background, even stuff like the guitar tone is incredibly relaxing. "Heal Support" has a bit of a folk feel twinge to it, and I just love the vocal looping that happens towards the end. It proves that whatever style these guys take on, they will always make it more interesting and experimental. "Be The Astronaut" has this awesome country twang to it. "Supermoon III" is easily my favorite track on here. Chris's vocals and the very simple and stripped down guitar loops really make the track feel pretty emotional. "My Only Wave" is a tremendous looping track very somber and mellow, with some greatly produced guitars. It ends off the EP perfectly.  I really hope more collaborations like this happen in the future between local artists, because this one was awesome. CS Luxem and Oils' styles mixed together very well and they really just feed off eachother to create some really great songs. You can give the EP a download and a listen up above. Also, check out some awesome videos of both CS Luxem and Oils playing below.

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