25 December 2012

Breakdancing Ronald Regan - "Hot Pickled Noise"

Harsh noise is not a popular genre, and I know this. The ear shredding and mind numbing sounds artists are making now a days are definitely an acquired taste. For those of you who have acquired taste, allow me to introduce you to Breakdancing Ronald Reagan. He is a noise musician from the great state of Texas. He is constantly putting out tracks on his soundcloud, and there really aren't signs of a full length LP anywhere. So, enjoy a track from a split 3" cd-r he did with Australian band Drongo. The track, "Hot Pickled Noise" is over 8 minutes of the finest and harshest noise music out there. Sometimes, the ear shredding loops and noises he creates sound like a demon screaming at you. It really is just harshness to the extreme. Some moments of the song remind me of a Death Grips instrumental. The dude is currently going on a massive tour of the US, and has dates listed for the midwestern portion of the tour, coming in January. Check those out here.

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