30 December 2012

mnttaB - "mainsHum"

Are you wanting to party on New Years Eve? Do you have bizarre musical tastes? Do you like punk, electronic, noise pop, and industrial music? I will quickly recommend the new mnttaB EP for you. The Australian musician, who has been around since April of 2011, just dropped his new mainsHum EP on Christmas. The 5 tracks on here is just song after song of noisy, harsh and loud electronics over the shouted and occasionally distorted vocals of mnttaB. Some of the tracks bear heavy similarities to Death Grips and B L A C K I E. The heavy distortion, the ear shattering instrumentals, and the yells of mnttaB really can give him many comparisons to punk rappers like them. If I were to have a favorite thing about this EP it would be mnttaB's instrumentals. He just really knows how to throw together a nice and heavy electronic arrangement. Each track has its own way of being interesting as far as synths and beats go. My favorite track on here is definitely the title track. It is the track that reminds me the most of B L A C K I E, with its incredibly overblown and distorted instrumental and vocal delivery. Out of all the the tracks, it's the catchiest for me. I'm definitely glad this got sent to me, and I'm probably gonna be playing this at my next party (because I have SO many parties. Obviously). Stream and download the EP up above, and buy a copy of either the 3" CD-R or  C-15 tape of the EP from Red Panda Records here.

NYKDLN - "Hot Wheels Race Track Demo S23ssions"

One of our favorite artists of last year, NYKDLN, is working on a new record. That record, entitled Hot Wheels Race Track, is gonna come out sometime in the spring of 2013. Courtesy of NYKDLN, we have a hint into what that record might sound like. While it says that none of these tracks will probably be on the LP, currently on his bandcamp are 4 demo tracks. What these tracks evolve into and what Hot Wheels Race Track will sound like, we will just have to find out. I'm really liking these tracks, and I'm definitely gonna be excited when the LP comes out. Give the tracks a listen up above, and let's all get ready for some epic new music this spring.

CS Luxem + Oils - "Supermoon"

Two of Lawrence's best experimental musicians teaming up together on a collaborative release? Yes please. Recorded way back in May at the Front/Space in KC, these songs are the result of Chris Luxem and Andrew Frederick playing music together during the supermoon. They locked the door at the Front/Space until the recordings were finished. The EP, appropriately titled Supermoon, is 6 songs of some darn awesome experimental rock. I love the short opener "Boom", a very nice and ambient voice looping track. It's that kind of looping that actually made me fall in love with Luxem's music in the first place. "Bungleclues" is an awesome guitar improv with tons of ambient elements mixed into it. The hazy vocal opening, odd found sounds, the bass synth in the background, even stuff like the guitar tone is incredibly relaxing. "Heal Support" has a bit of a folk feel twinge to it, and I just love the vocal looping that happens towards the end. It proves that whatever style these guys take on, they will always make it more interesting and experimental. "Be The Astronaut" has this awesome country twang to it. "Supermoon III" is easily my favorite track on here. Chris's vocals and the very simple and stripped down guitar loops really make the track feel pretty emotional. "My Only Wave" is a tremendous looping track very somber and mellow, with some greatly produced guitars. It ends off the EP perfectly.  I really hope more collaborations like this happen in the future between local artists, because this one was awesome. CS Luxem and Oils' styles mixed together very well and they really just feed off eachother to create some really great songs. You can give the EP a download and a listen up above. Also, check out some awesome videos of both CS Luxem and Oils playing below.

25 December 2012

Breakdancing Ronald Regan - "Hot Pickled Noise"

Harsh noise is not a popular genre, and I know this. The ear shredding and mind numbing sounds artists are making now a days are definitely an acquired taste. For those of you who have acquired taste, allow me to introduce you to Breakdancing Ronald Reagan. He is a noise musician from the great state of Texas. He is constantly putting out tracks on his soundcloud, and there really aren't signs of a full length LP anywhere. So, enjoy a track from a split 3" cd-r he did with Australian band Drongo. The track, "Hot Pickled Noise" is over 8 minutes of the finest and harshest noise music out there. Sometimes, the ear shredding loops and noises he creates sound like a demon screaming at you. It really is just harshness to the extreme. Some moments of the song remind me of a Death Grips instrumental. The dude is currently going on a massive tour of the US, and has dates listed for the midwestern portion of the tour, coming in January. Check those out here.

Merlin - "Nactmar"

I knew it. I knew this would happen. Right after my favorite album of the year list comes out, an amazing record comes out. It's definitely one of the dangers of this job. I hate it so much.

Merlin has definitely changed styles. From the experimental/wizard rock sounds they were making in their beginnings with the Wrinngarth EP and their debut LP The Magician's Alliance, the terrifying and haunting drones on their Night Terror EP, the stoner metal/post rock sounds from Live From The Wizard's Lair and their debut live show (Pics here!), and this new album, these guys are very well versed. Each step of the way for these guys, I have pretty much loved it. And that definitely, definitely stays the same for their new LP Nactmar. 

This LP is a continuation of the epic Night Terror EP, and dang. Merlin creates some of the most disturbing soundscapes I've heard this year. It begins with the track "A Letter Arrives" The tracks is this winding ambient soundscape, with a very windy bass drone hovering over a shimmering acoustic guitar. It's all very quiet and atmospheric and nice, but at the same time dark and unnerving. The next track "Daniel's 23rd Birthday" is a continuation of the first track, but with a much darker and developed drone and some more electric guitar raga. The next track however, "Trees Blocked Out The Sun Above" is just another thing all together. It just feels like the world is crashing down all around you on that track. It has a very black metal-esque breakdown in the middle, and then everything is just left in a very windy mass of drones and feedback. "Snow Rises Out Of The Ashes Of Our Past..." is a very nice and eerie guitar and drone piece. The very dusty soundscape behind Carter Lewis's guitar is really amazing as well. The piano that closes the track feels very dark and sinister. That piano leads right into the next track, "Julia". The track is a very lovely piano track, and while feeling very pretty at times, it is as equally dark and sinister as well. "The Cellar" is a 7 minute mind-numbing drone. It's very eerie and ambient, and just torturous at times (in a good way). "The Watcher" sounds like the sound track to a man awakening in a prison cell in an ancient castle and then being tortured by spirits. "Slowly Sinking Into The Frozen Deep" is a very nice mix of drones and acoustics. Definitely not the best track on here, but a great way to end the LP.

Merlin continues their venture with drones and experimentation in a direction that I really like and hope to hear them play more with in future albums as well. These guys continue to impress me more and more each time. Awesome album. Merry Christmas.

21 December 2012


Electronic music has become incredibly popular in the recent years. There really is no denying that. Are you having trouble finding an electronic musician you actually like? Do you feel overwhelmed by the mass of bandcamp and soundcloud links spewing from every direction? Well, here's a nice little treat for you. HEATFLUX is electronic musician Alex Vaughn from Chicago. This is his first official EP [as far as I now], dropped right around Halloween. While it is just 5 tracks, it's definitely some awesome and lo-fi music to help you get through the upcoming cold of the holidays. There are no bass wobbles, jarring drops or brutal breakdowns in Vaughn's compositions. Just very catchy and lo-fi sort of casiotone synthesizers with some rather glitchy drum machines. Each track is a wonderful lo-fi panoramic electronica wall of synth blips that I find INCREDIBLY enjoyable. There is a bit of an 8-bit quality to some of these songs as well that I find awesome. I definitely recommended giving this thing a quick listen and download to your iPod devices right up there as always. :)

Gay Uncle/The Phaggs - "Split"

For those of you looking for some quick, brutal, and loud punk rock, I recommend this new little gem from COMO. I love the raw intensity that both Gay Uncle and The Phaggs bring to the table on their new split 7". It's just track after track of catchy and crusty punk that is a punch in the face as it is incredibly catchy. Gay Uncle's side starts off with what is easily my favorite track on the split, "Glad I'm Dead". The hook on this song is SO catchy. "Trough" is just full on punk mayhem: tons of tempo changes, minor guitar chords out of every direction, and wonderful shouted vocals from the band's lead singer. Both "Depression" and "Girl Sex" continue that punk mayhem without any faults or stumbles. These guys may stick to a formula, but they do that formula REALLY well. The Phaggs' side starts off with "My Life Is A Fashion Statement", which starts with a rather awesome opening riff, but then a quick 4 hits to the hi-hat bring the track into a nonstop punk rock madhouse that doesn't let up until The Phaggs' 3 songs are done. The only problem I had with their side of the split was the lead singers vocals, and I don't really blame these guys for that, because the stuff that is online right now are the rough recordings. So, any judgments of this guy's voice (which I actually do enjoy quite a bit) are basically not going to be right until I just buy a copy of the split myself. You can give both sides of the split a listen and a download up above. Also, for my beautiful friends in the midwest, these guys are going a short but sweet midwestern tour for the release of this split. You can take a look at all of the tour dates right over here. There coming to KC, and playing with Fergus And Geronimo [!]. Hoping to see that quite a bit... Happy holidays!

19 December 2012

Regret, The Informer - "Less Than Three"

Regret, The Informer is one of the many awesome bands on XO Press. I've got a tape copy of their EP Haet Us, and while it definitely isn't my favorite release from XO press, it's a very nice addition to my tape collection. Now, in October Regret, The Informer went on a tour to celebrate the release of this Less Than Three 7". And I gotta say, Regret, The Informer made a very good impression on me with this 7". Regret, The Informer brings 3 songs of very raw and emotional post punk/hardcore that really get me. The 7" starts off with "Tour De Franzia", a bit more of a post hardcore song with some elements of math rock mixed in. A very consistently changing time signature gives the track a very cool edge. Stephen Proski's (you may know him from the band Meat Mist [!]) rather scratchy high pitched vocal delivery gives the track a very good emotional push. "Good Morning Drug" has this incredibly catchy intro riff, but evolves very quickly into some wild punk madness. The changes on this track are just as interesting as they were on the first track. This track definitely is one of the catchiest post punk songs I've heard this year. The 7" ends with "Sleeveless In Seattle". And while this is not my favorite track on here, it is definitely a very good and enjoyable end to this thing. I'm definitely sitting and ready to here what Regret, The Informer does next now. I'm very glad I gave them another chance. Give the 7" a listen up above, and get a copy of the 7" right here.

Lovebrrd - "JODOCUS"

Lovebrrd is Florida musician Patrick McBratney. Before Lovebrrd, the main thing I know him for is managing Lava Church, a really great label where I find quite a bit of cool music. While I have not been a very dedicated listener to McBratney's musical exploits, he has released some very good material in the large discography he has accumulated since the release of his debut LP in May of 2011. This is one of his latest albums JODOCUS, out now on Holy Page. And I have to say, for first timers to Lovebrrd albums, this is a pretty great place to start. This album is just song after song of mind numbing   ambient scapes that I find excellent. The first 2 songs are very similar, with these very repetitive lo-fi synth notes backed behind these very intriguing odd noises and voices. While these tracks can seem incredibly repetitive, even though they are just 5 minutes, if you're very open minded to these tracks, you'll get a lot of enjoyment out of them. The tracks "You Will Suffer", "Reflections", and "Passing On" are all very escalating harsh noises scapes. Each track slowly builds into something louder, something darker as it progresses. The track "You Must Die" has these very pretty guitars or synths (I'm not sure which), that I really like. They feel very melancholy and gloomy. The track also has these very distant drum sounds that added an extra umph to the track. And the last song on here, "Swans Song", is completely different from all the other tracks. It feels like a very passionate dream pop song with an organ at the forefront. I definitely felt that it was a bit of a random track to have here, but I still really liked it. Definitely a very interesting and solid listen from start to finish, and a very good album for me to get into winter with. Grab a digital copy for free right up there, and grab a copy of the tape from Holy Page over here.

16 December 2012

TOP 50 ALBUMS OF 2012!

Alright guys, here it is! My 50 favorite LP's of 2012. Really hope you all enjoy, 2012 has definitely been a great year for music and for us as well. We got 100 likes on facebook, some how got over almost 16000 views, got some adsense revenue, and saw The Flaming Lips (counts as an important experience). I got to meet tons of awesome people that have really just supported me all year long, and it's helped me basically do everything that I've done this year. Without them and you guys reading, this blog wouldn't be were it is. So, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. Without further ado, here are my top 50 favorite LP's of 2012. :)

50. Dropxlife - Furthur

A very chilled out beat tape. A wonderful sedative to get you through the winter.

49. 회사AUTO - Longing & Passion ⌘42

I know the supposed genre of "Vaporwave" is becoming a bit of a joke to the music industry, but I definitely have enjoyed the output of the unofficial genre. I definitely think AUTO gave us one of the more interesting records in that genre this year with "Longing For Passion". Very interesting samples and tons of very random and unpredictable edits. Great record. 회사AUTO

48. Dweller On The Threshold - Dweller On The Threshold

Though a bit inconsistent, this debut Dweller On The Threshold record really proved to be one of the most interesting rock experiences I heard this. Very interested to hear what they do next.

47. P.H.O.B.O.S. - Atonal Hypermensia

This metal album is of the heaviest and darkest records I've ever heard. Period. Incredibly far out loud and distorted guitar and bass and these odd reverbed out drums that just literally feel like smashes to the face.

46. Torche - Harminocraft

Some of the catchiest and brightest metal songs of the year can be found on here. Really was reminded how much I loved this thing when I saw the band in concert. Just a lovely collection of tracks.

45. Alcoves - Alcoves

This debut Alcoves LP really made a mark for me with it's interesting and dark lyrics, heavy and overtaking guitars and distorted drums. 

44. Audens Raign - Letters From The Other Side: Part 12

Very interesting experimental punk record in Audens Raign Letters From The Other Side series that for some reason really stuck with me.

43. Local News - Channel 8

Local News, like AUTO, brought a very interesting and awesome collection of jazz sampling tracks to the table on Channel 8. While I hate how short this album is, I love it just the same. 

42. Redrick Sultan - Trolling For Answers

Just such a fun album. Redrick Sultan really combine funk, jazz, acoustics and comedy into just one long and awesome LP. So much fun to be had!

41. Tim Hecker And Daniel Lopatin - Instrumental Tourist

I absolutely love ambient music, and so this definitely stood out to me at the end of 2012. This album has tons of awesome ambient and occasionally experimental soundscapes that I love.

40. Otto Rollo - Longtime

Out of all of Otto Rollo's material this year, this is easily my favorite. The massive 30 minutes of experimental genre jumping that Otto Rollo does on here is just so memorable.

39. Robert Plant's Dingleberry - Moby Dick

17 minutes of just pure experimental noise. One intense ride through the filthiest and grimiest sounds I've ever heard. Also, the Michael Jackson sample at the end of the LP is a pretty nice treat.

38. MMOSS - Only Children

Psychedelia to the extreme! Very glad I took a minute to check this out. It's pretty amazing.

37. Show Your Teeth - North

Ambient, experimental, glitchy and bright, Show Your Teeth really shows his full potential on here.

36. Dads - American Radass (this is important)

Say what you will about Dads and the current wave of mathy indie rock/"tumblr-core". I really enjoy the technicality and bright feelings on this LP. Hoping to catch this band later this month.

35. Dark Blue Dark Green - Dark Blue Dark Green

Avant Garde and bizarre rock and jazz compositions out of the heart of Missouri. Definitely one of the most original albums to come out in a while.

34. Public Spread The News - Play Mystery

A beat sample record that is more enjoyable with each listen.

33. Riot Meadows - tEMPORAL dRIFT tAPE

A very original ambient LP that really creates an amazing atmosphere for winter. Combinations of very hazy synthesizers and loud roaring nature scapes fill this album, and they never got boring, at least to me.

32. NAH - END 

A very brutal record. Loud and destructive drum playing from NAH, incredibly tightly wound industrious samples, and just an overall intensity that is hard to deny. 

31. The Plums - Nixon's Mess
A very pleasant No Wave/Post Punk surprise from DC band The Plums. Filled with very listless and drawn out bursts of guitar, bass and drums and some very experimental moments as well, I think it's a shame more people haven't heard this album. 

30. Mewithoutyou - Ten Stories
Mewithoutyou continue to make music that I find amazing and very interesting. The storytelling, intense guitar tones, and some lighter moments make this LP the perfect combo of everything this band has worked for so far and a little more.

29. The Act Of Estimating As Worthless - Amongst These Splintered Minds//Leaden Thoughts Sing Softly
Elements of children's songs, folk and post rock all in one album. Just amazing stuff. 

28. Diskette Romances - Keys To The Suite
"Vaporwave" shows up yet again on this list. A short group of samples that stayed with me easily the longest out of all of the jazz sample records to come out this year.

27. Teen Suicide - I Will Be My Own Hell Because There Is A Devil Inside My Body

Emotional and intense, Teen Suicide's debut LP is filled dark lyrics, echoing vocals, and great riffage. The emotion that this band brought to the table really resonated with me from first listen and onwards.

26. Marcus Eads - Historic Grain Elevators
I think we all know Marcus Eads as the awesome dude who runs Sunup Recordings (one of my favorite records labels ever). I didn't know he made music as well. Historic Grain Elevators is full of these excellent guitar compositions/improvisations filtered through a lo-fi lense. And at 45 minutes in length, this album has plenty of memorable material.

25. The Flaming Lips - Playing Hide And Seek With The Ghosts Of Dawn
It really saddens me how much this cover LP went under the radar this year. King Crimson covers have never sounded more awesome. I just can't describe how awesome some moments on here are.

24. Tim Feeney - Weakness
Definitely one of the most original albums to be released this year. One long and mind numbing amplified drum roll after another, not one the same. I really have never heard a record like this before, and I don't think ever will again.

23. Fag Cop - Whimpers From The Pantheon
Some straight up filthy and dirty garage punk. If you want just a plain wild punk rock album with some disturbing messages, listen to this many times.

22. Recondite - On Acid
Recondite really makes some of the best and most relaxing electronic songs I've heard on On Acid. The Roland TB-303 that he uses on this record is completely different from how it's normally used these days, and I find it personally really sedative and relaxing. Another one of them winter records, for sure.

21. All Blood - Flood / Someone Else's Ocean
Someone Else's Ocean

The two records that Jonathan Brokaw dropped this year as All Blood are definitely deserving of a tie for #21. Both albums are consistently lyrical, distorted, and just plain awesome. As far as music goes, this guy just had a great year and made some of my favorite releases.

20. Meat Mist - Smut
A raw and filthy punch in the face hardcore record. Incredibly disturbing and vile lyrics and themes, intense and brutal guitar noise, and just absolutely mind destroying vocals. This album really just.. oh man.

19. Trash Kids - Get Lost
Very original, glitchy, and colorful beats with tons of bright guitars and ghostly vocals. There are also some really awesome experimental moments on here as well. This album was the album that really had me dive right into that Woozy Tribe collective and all of the awesome musicians that they have, and it continues to be one of the best records to come out of the group, for me. 

18. Death Grips - The Money Store
Is there really a reason to explain why Death Grips is on here? 

17. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - 'Allelejuah! Don't Bend! Ascend!
I think it's safe to say we all freaked out when Godspeed announced this album. And wouldn't we? This band is loved by almost everyone, and they haven't released any brand new material in 10 years. And this album definitely lives up to the expectations. I still find myself just in awe over how amazing some of the moments on this album are. If you've never heard of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and like epic music, this is a great place to start.

16. Showbread - Cancer
While this is not my favorite Showbread LP, this band still definitely resonates with me as deeply as they did when I first heard their debut album almost 4 years ago. 

15. The Music Tapes - Mary's Voice
Very beautiful circus sounding folk record. The Music Tapes/Julian Koster just fascinate with with each note they play and each instrument they pick up, and that is no different on this album. Great use of violin bows on banjos and saws, trumpets, and Julian Koster's just amazing soaring vocals. Oh man. 

14. Himanshu - Nehru Jackets
Heems really made my favorite hip hop mixtape of the year. Mike Finito's AMAZING production and Heems' funny, oddball and goofy rhymes keep this album entertaining through it's 70 minutes of music. 

13. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Cobra Juicy
I know this was not a very well received record by critics, but for me, I just love pretty much anything Black Moth Super Rainbow does. I have never been disappointed with anything to come from these guys, and Cobra Juicy is no different. Great bright and psychedelic tones, Tom Feck's robotic vocals, lush electronics, and more use of guitars on this album result in some really memorable and catchy tunes.

12. Destroy Nate Allen - With Our Powers Combined
Destroy Nate Allen are such a fun band. And with a full band behind them on this record, they sound better than ever. While I do think some of the emotion that is on other DNA record's like Until My Ankle Gets Better is a little bit absent, this record makes up for that in just the amount of fun that this record is. Every song on here needs to be danced to.

11. Cemetery Family Band - Cemetery Family Band
Oh man, what a killer record. Just a completely enthralling listen from start to finish. From the oddball vocals, intricate guitar work and loops, and just pure originality, Cemetery Family Band really made one of the best debuts I've yet to hear.

10. Ponyboy - Pussy Killer
This thing really, really grew on me this year. The pure and raw intensity that Ponyboy brings to the table along with some very catchy hooks and incredibly dark lyrics/stories came out of right field for me towards the end of the year and ended up at #10. 

9. Boyfrndz - All Day Pass
A very complex experimental math rock LP. Each time I listen to it, I catch a new thing that I love, and makes me enjoy this album more. Just filled with guitar and drum patterns that you will spend a while thinking about.

8. El Ten Eleven - Transitions
El Ten Eleven continues to put out one awesome record of catchy post/indie rock. These songs are always changing and multiplying by the second into something more grand and interesting than were it started.

If there is a better jazz record to come out this year, speak now or forever hold your peace. 

6. Lost Trail - Music For "Traumatic Attachments" 
Drone, noise, post rock, and consistently epic soundscapes for the apocalypse. Lost Trail has had a ton of releases this year, but this one definitely stuck with the me the most.

5. Deerhoof - Breakup Song
Deerhoof remains just such a fun and awesome band on Breakup Song. Tons of complicated rock songs with some awesome synths and additional drum beats, all backed up by Satomi Matsuzaki's child like vocal delivery. Her vocals are definitely a bit of an acquired taste, but once you get used to them, you can really get into the fun and chaos that is Deerhoof, and this album is a good place to start. 

4. Aesop Rock - Skelethon

This album took a very long time time to grow on me, but when it finally did, oh man. Aesop's incredibly intellectual  lyrics and the top notch beats on this album really amaze me with each listen. Dang. 

3. NYKDLN - Post Radio
One of the best experimental music albums I've really ever heard. Absolutely no instruments, just 2 hours of pure tape and radio samples. That concept was already interesting to me going in, but after I came out of it, it was better than I had though. This album really can't be described with words, you have to experience it for yourself. Each time I listen, I pick more and more sonic details that just make this album more and more interesting. 

2. Swans - The Seer
Now, this is an album that I thought about long and hard. And whether or not this should album should be #1. But after a very long time, I finally made my decision. Swans' The Seer is just a brutal album. Almost 2 hours of pure sonic abuse. Swans is in the best form they've been in years, and they made what is easily one of the most intense rides I've heard in a really long time.

1. FAVRTSM - Tape I
Alright everyone. This is it. FAVRTSM's Tape I. This new artist left a very amazing lasting impression on me this year from the moment I heard this. The incredibly sense of emotion on this album really won me over immediately. The creaky piano on here and all of FAVRTSM's other material is incredibly memorable and makes his music stand out. The 8 tracks on here are so minimal, with just piano, but I feel that they don't really need anything else. The pure emotion that this LP has is just so pure that the need for extra instruments is absolutely void. I love this album. So much.