10 November 2012

Young Holidays - "Young Holidays EP"

Young Holidays is a band from the beautiful state of Wisconsin. This is their debut EP, which came out in September. I can definitely say that this is definitely a project to keep an eye on in the future. This debut EP is a very fun and brief 4 track collection of very fun garage pop/rock. The first track "Saturdays" is just a very nice hazy rock song that introduces the EP perfectly. "Pretender" is a very fun, bouncy and catchy track with very memorable distorted vocals that really make the track sound great. "Classics" is a much more emotion filled tune, with a great explosion of guitar and drums towards the mid section of it. I can definitely see fans of maybe bands like Titus Andronicus or maybe even Japandroids really liking this song. "Diamonds" is a very warm indie rock song. Tons of emotive vocals from the band's frontman Max Holiday really make the track something very pretty. His voice on this track is incredible. The track also has a very ambient synth floating around most of the track that I find very enjoyable. While this EP is fairly quick, with just 4 tracks, I do find myself really enjoying what I'm hearing on here. When Young Holidays drop a full length record, I'm definitely going to listen . But for now, we have this EP. And it's a great place to start for this band. You can stream and download the EP right up there as always.

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